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My picture book - At the aquarium is an electronic children’s book for tablets/IPad and computer/Mac. It’s a picture book, made of photographs, aimed towards the youngest children aged 0-4.

My picture book - At the aquarium is part of a series of picture books, made by Kids books AS. All the books in this series aim to stimulate children’s imagination and expand their understanding of the world. In a fun way the children can explore different words and concepts in their everyday life, and through play and dialogue they can develop their language and listening skills and prepare for their understanding of the written word.

Studies show that parents who point out words and letters to their children as they read aloud boost the youngsters' reading skills when they are older. The parents can also expand the child’s understanding of a word/concept by pointing at the photograph and saying the word out loud. After a while the child itself will imitate the word and grasp the understanding of the concept.

The photographs in the books are colorful and recognizable and they have the written word attached to it.

My picture book - At the aquarium has photographs of a little girls trip to an aquarium. Through fun and colorful pictures parents can talk to their child about this adventure. The aim is to inspire parents and their children to talk about the trip and learn new words.

Monica Andresen (born 1970) and Wenche Johnsen (born 1972) graduated respectively as master in special education and master in business and administration. Both have particular interest in children’s books and photography. With this series of digital picture books the authors want to put focus on several themes and concepts important for children’s development. The photographs are taken by the authors themselves, with the aim that the photos are clear, colorful and recognizable for the children

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May 26
Kids Books AS

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