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In this elegant self-portrait, the world’s most outspoken and influential spiritual leader recounts his epic and engaging life story. The Dalai Lama’s most accessible and intimate book, My Spiritual Journey is an excellent introduction to the larger-than-life leader of Tibetan Buddhism—perfect for anyone curious about Eastern religion, invested in the Free Tibet movement, or simply seeking a richer spiritual life. The Dalai Lama’s riveting, deeply insightful meditations on life will resonate strongly with readers of Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, or the His Holiness’s own The Art of Happiness and Ethics for the New Millennium.

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October 12

Customer Reviews

Onelove....23 ,

His message will live on longer than criticism

Shame on the people who say such things about the Dalai Lama, who has done more for humanity than those who blatantly criticize his holiness

DanielEndy ,

Unique Insight from a Unique Perspective

A modern personal view of the most prominent spiritual figure of the modern world other than the Pope. Unlike other religions Buddhism does not offer any opinion or view of God, rather it focuses on a more productive approach to living via an alternative to the ubiquitous material and religious perspectives that permeate modern society. It is ironic that China's leaders view the eminently peaceful path of Buddhism as a threat. Unlike some other religions, Buddhism is the epitome of a non-violent world-view. Their 'threat' to China is purely a spiritual one. It is very telling that China puts so much energy into suppressing and oppressing the peaceful Buddhists monks in Tibet.

The Dalai Lama's spiritual journey as a pre-destined leader of the most peaceful world-wide faith is unlike any other.

RylinBlue ,

To bad for Apple

It is a shame for the company that their supporters are so ignorant. What kind person would write cuss words in what is meant to be a review and have nothing intelligent to write. I will tell you, a person with no dignity!

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