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Like so many other couples, after having two kids and settling into a conventional life, Jake and Suzie’s sex life was getting a bit ‘vanilla’. Their shared intimacy was great, but Jake came to believe that Suzie deserved to have more in the way of sexual fulfillment. She had only experienced two lovers prior to marrying Jake

After their second child was born they started viewing porn videos together. Jake was pleased to see that Suzie enjoyed them as much as he did. Some of the videos featured two guys with one gal, and some showed two or more couples who were trading partners.

While watching some of those videos Jake would occasionally ask Suzie if she thought she might enjoy being pleasured by two guys or experience new sex play partners. Although Jake could tell those scenes got her wet and horny, she always denied seeing herself in such situations.

Eventually Jake pointed out that she had only experienced sex with a total of three guys compared to his more extensive premarital experiences, and told her he thought she would enjoy being on the receiving end of the intimate attention of a few new guys. Suzie would always reply that Jake was nuts… she was married, and one guy was enough for her.

Jake admits that he is “somewhat less than well-endowed… less than average in that department”. A few times the videos they watched included guys with substantial “packages”… long and/or fat equipment. Jake pointed them out to Suzie and began suggesting, “I’ll bet you would enjoy the feeling of one of those sliding in and out of you”.

To his surprise she did not respond one way or the other. But he noticed that she got very wet down there while listening to him and watching the videos. After the videos were over she would often treat Jake to great blow jobs before they moved into serious love-making.

By that point Jake was recognizing that his bride was a very sexual woman… seemingly with a growing sex drive. She had begun to experience multiple orgasms within a single love-making session. Jake loved that his wife seemed to enjoy sex so much. During their shared sex play Jake found himself repeatedly whispering in her ear that he was going to make it possible for her experience and enjoy some new sexy playmates. When she did respond she would tell him that he was crazy, but that she loved him anyway.

A few months later they left their kids with Jake’s mom and took a week-long vacation trip to Cancun, Mexico. Since they were so far from home, at Jake’s urging Suzie agreed to dress sexier that she would at home. He even convinced her to wear a very skimpy bikini at the pool and beach.

That led to a lot of guys feasting their eyes on Suzie's attractive body. She admitted to Jake that she enjoyed all the male attention. That also led to meeting Frank, a bit older guy who would soon be Suzie’s first “extra guy”.

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December 7
Joan Vegas
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