My Year in Oman

An American Experience in Arabia During the War On Terror

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Publisher Description

When millions of Americans deployed to fight after September 11, 2001, one American deployed to the Middle East to teach at a small college in the coastal town of Sur, Oman.
Could you survive alone in a small town in Arabia during the first year of the War On Terror? What would make an American teacher fly to the in the Middle East once the fighting began?

My Year in Oman is a first hand account of the Gulf States attempt to modernize Omani and Muslim Culture of the Gulf region post September 11th, especially in the outlying regions of the Gulf States, through the use of post-secondary education and mandatory English instruction.

The author finds himself immersed in a culture that is trying to understand him while he is doing his best to understand them - in order to teach them.

The author’s love of Oman’s History is highlighted with two full chapters on the incredible History of Oman and its great leader Sultan Qaboos bin Said, as well as the History of Sur, Oman, which, two centuries ago, was a center of maritime power on the Indian Ocean.

A Dreamy Journey to the Beautiful Oman
As I sat reading “My Year in Oman: An American Experience in Arabia During the War on Terror” by Matthew D. Heines, I dreamt of a land yet unexplored by me.

My Year in Oman is also a true inspiring romance between the author and a beautiful Indian teacher and PhD. candidate in the capitol of Muscat. Their forbidden relationship builds a framework around which the reader is able to travel alongside them as they explore each other and the beauty and warmth of the Sultanate of Oman.

In a strange land for both of them and from two completely different cultures, they learn from each other as they camp and experience some of the most romantic settings imaginable.

The juxtaposition of the American, Omani, Indian and English cultures all make for a multi-cultural experience that will make readers laugh out loud in some places.

The warmth of the Omani people and their country culture will inspire people around the world and give us all a reason to hope about what is possible when all cultures live together in peace and harmony.

If you haven’t fallen in love with the Sultanate of Oman yet, it’s because you haven’t read this book. Why deprive yourself the pleasure so many are enjoying right now? Don’t Miss out. Order your copies now.

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November 21
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