Myka and the Millionaire Myka and the Millionaire

Myka and the Millionaire

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Computer expert Myka Thomas is determined to start her own business, and the last thing she needs is a man bossing her around and getting in the way. But Gabriel Chevalier is not just any man, and when the dashing, dominant millionaire makes his interest in her very clear, Myka cannot resist his advances. Stripped bare, spanked soundly, and brought to one shattering climax after another, she soon finds herself both yielding ever more completely to his command of her body and even begging shamefully for more of his masterful lovemaking.

As Myka juggles two demanding jobs, she savors the time she spends in Gabriel’s palatial home. When she is in his presence, surrendering to his firm, loving control seems natural, even when that means submitting to a painful, embarrassing spanking when she has been disobedient. Before she can stop herself Myka is falling hard for Gabriel, but can she dare to risk giving her heart to a man with so many shadows in his past that there may be no room for her in his future?

Publisher’s Note: Myka and the Millionaire is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Fiction & Literature
November 13
Stormy Night Publications
Stormy Night Publications and Design LLC

Customer Reviews

WhiteWitch0519 ,

An enchanting and delightful BDSM book. Alexis Alvarez is one of my new favorite authors!

Myka Thomas is an up and coming IT programmer, code writer, all-around computer genius. She's working for Kylee Miranda, a pop singer, programming the visuals, light shows, website, writing code. You name it; Myka does it. Myka also has dreams of her own IT consulting firm. But her job is no bed of roses. She thinks she can endure anything if she can just complete her contract and make the right contacts. But strange things keep happening, things Myka can't make sense of. Kylee's all over the place with her behavior and demands. Her job gets harder and harder. What is she going to do? Her contract has a substantial financial penalty if she cancels before the end of the tour. Can she take the increasing pressure from Kylee and her manager? More importantly, can she afford not to? She needs the money to start her business. What is she going to do? Gabriel Chevalier is a millionaire, physics expert, aeronautical consultant, and genius in his own right. When he and Myka meet at a dance club, there's instant chemistry. But Gabriel is so mysterious, elusive, and attractive. When Gabriel notices the book she's holding, a steamy BDSM romance, the conversation turns in that direction. Myka's more than a little embarrassed, but she's genuinely interested in the lifestyle. After a promising start to the evening, everything implodes. Myka takes off in a cab headed for the local BDSM club. What happens next changes people's lives in so very many ways. Can Myka, a type A overachiever, truly want to experience submission? What about her career? How far will her erotic fantasies take her? Will she be able to keep her life on track? And just how does Gabriel fit into all this? Secrets abound, secrets of which Myka is totally unaware. They'll affect not only Myka but Gabriel, their friends, and others in ways they never anticipated. In the end, who and what are really important? How does a person decide between what they want and what they truly need? Does Myka have it in her to make the kinds of decisions she needs to make about her career and the rest of her life, or will her life come crashing down around her? Alexis Alvarez is another new author for me. I had a few doubts about this book before I started it. I've read my fair share of millionaire/billionaire BDSM erotic romances, and I seriously thought I'd read it all. But I was totally fascinated by this book. Ms. Alvarez has taken a very commonplace storyline and made it into something unique and extraordinary! She's an unbelievable storyteller. The characters are charismatic, and totally engaging. I was delightfully surprised at the character development and interactions of the main characters, but the other characters were captivating and refreshingly realistic as well. I thought I knew how the book would end. I was totally wrong! This story is full of twists, turns, ups, down, highs and lows. Alexis Alvarez has a genuine talent for captivating a reader from the first page and holding that interest until the very last word. I was totally enchanted by this book, and can't wait to read more of Ms. Alvarez's works. Once again, I'm excited to have found another favorite author. I give Myka and the Millionaire my highest recommendation without reservation. Thank you, Alexis Alvarez, for providing such an exceptional reading experience. You are truly impressive as an author and have exceptional writing talent! One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. USE THESE RESOURCES. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

JJazzer ,

Hot, hot, HOT!

Together Myka and Gabriel make the pages steam! Very sexy romance with a great storyline as well. This book was not just a sexual romp but really gave insights into how romance (and not just BDSM) affects your whole life, including your career. Myka’s crazy rock star boss and all the things Myka had to do to keep her happy were as interesting to read about as the love story between Myka and Gabriel in this well-rounded and well-written story. As for the BDSM element, this book is not for the faint-hearted and those scenes are extremely intense. So be sure that’s your cup of tea, just as the publisher note says. For those who love the more intense sexuality and BDSM, I highly recommend Myka and Gabriel’s story.

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