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Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being presents an entirely new approach to spiritual enlightenment. Rational, down-to-earth yet heart-centric and loving, Wayne Wirs takes you straight through the Gateless Gate of enlightenment… and into the mysterious realms beyond. Each of the Nine Aspects of Being provides a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and lasting happiness. Soon you will:

Revel in a new appreciation of your body (the Mortal Aspect)
See through the illusion of the Me-Story (the Inner Ego Aspect)
Converse from love rather than the ego (the Outer Ego Aspect)
Lose the fear of death (the Soul Aspect)
Transcend your self-boundaries and experience oneness with the world (the Witness Aspect)
Awaken to Cosmic Consciousness (the Mystic Aspect)
Live both in the world AND of it (the Self Aspect)
Transcend the paradox of unity and separation without conflict or excuse (the I AM Aspect)
Live in a state of Divine union while still maintaining your individuality (the TaoGod(I) Aspect)

The smart have their theories, but the wise have their scars. Most books on enlightenment are like diet books: They promise fantastic results… but they rarely deliver. Why? Because simple solutions (all you have to do is drop your self!) seldom work with complex problems (what exactly is this 'self' anyway?).

What if, instead of the typical all-or-nothing approach (you're either enlightened or you're not), we break the sense of self into smaller, easier to work with aspects? Instead of struggling to drop a stubborn and tenacious ego all at once, we allow it to fade away one step at a time.

As the ego gently fades—as we become less—self boundaries collapse and enlightenment is realized.

But enlightenment is probably not what you think it is. It isn't the feeling of oneness with the world—that is a result of enlightenment. It isn't the feeling of bliss—that too is a result. It isn't the loss of the Me-story—that's another result of it. Wonderful results for sure, but focusing on results instead of the cause is why most nondual teachings fail.

Once we understand what enlightenment is—two normally disparate parts of the brain working in harmony—then we can learn to develop it. As it turns out, enlightenment—like playing a musical instrument—is a skill anyone can acquire.

But it doesn't stop there. The Witness Aspect—enlightenment—is only one of the nine aspects revealed in this all new approach to spiritual awakening.

Rarely discussed in spiritual texts is what life is like on the other side of enlightenment. When the ego dissolves as enlightenment is realized, vast new realms open up before the spiritual seeker. Realms filled with Love and Unity. Of the Self and the Divine. Of the Absolute and the Relative. Realms where Cosmic Consciousness awakens while individual consciousness continues. These are realms filled with paradoxes and profound truths. Realms which, until now, few have ever reached and even fewer have learned to navigate.

Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being provides over three dozen practices specifically tailored to open both your mind and your heart. Practices which will help unify your many disparate parts (the personal and the impersonal; the rational and the mystical; the individual and the Divine…) into a whole and integrated You. Simply put, Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being is a step-by-step guide to enlightenment and beyond.

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