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Many couples have a false notion of what married life truly is - and these rose-colored assumptions tend to heighten expectations to such unrealistic levels that couples find themselves frustrated and feeling alone.

What if marriage were designed for a specific purpose?

What if some of the problems faced in marriage are not meant to be solved, they're meant to be lived through?

Because many people don’t understand what marriage is and could be, they hide from each other. To keep the peace, they continue the charades, each spouse reluctantly believing, “I guess this is just how it’s supposed to be.” Consequently, they refuse to get naked with each other in all of that word’s scary yet glorious permutations: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Naked Marriage encourages you to find yourself and fully reveal yourself, so you and your marriage can become fully alive.

November 14
SydWill Media
Corey Allan

Customer Reviews

Enjoy007 ,

Naked Marriage

Hold on! You are looking at yourself in a deep and profound view that you've not seen before. Embrace what you see while you apply the principles in Naked Marriage and you are going to be a much better you. You will greatly enhance the quality of your life, your marriage and all other relationships also. Enjoy the better you!

Big Rich ,

A Better Marriage is About a Better You

I was excited to begin reading Naked Marriage. I started with no expectations whatsoever and finished with a feeling of renewed insight and a new determination to up my game in my marriage. I've always believed marriage was more about me than it was about "us" and Corey does a fantastic job of drawing that out.

Naked Marriage invites us to ask the hard questions about our marriages and it doesn't let us off the hook when we naturally shrink back from facing them head on. This book is worth the read and more importantly, shows you, your marriage is worth the hard work; you are worth the hard work.

Taking our clothes off physically is easy and fun. Peeling off our invisible "fig leaves" in order to experience true intimacy, not so easy, not so fun, but to know what it means to be truly known is what your heart has always longed for.