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This is the first book in the ‘Naked’ Series, a seriously hot and provocative romance by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion with searing depictions of sex and emotion. 

Leaving a dark secret in her wake, Cara Waters flees from her stable life in Philadelphia to live in the remote Willow Grove, Colorado. Cara’s old college friend Allison manages to drag her along to a Charity Ball, where Cara—feeling awkward and out of place—finds herself drawing the uninvited gaze of a mysterious stranger. The man certainly is handsome, however there is something aggressive in his possessive stare that makes Cara want to escape back to the safety of her little secluded cottage. When it comes time for her to be auctioned, it comes as no surprise that the mysterious stranger is the highest bidder — and it’s a record price! But what she isn’t expecting is that her mystery man is none other than Damien Hayes, the successful CEO of Sol Industries. Cara finds herself later on in the evening standing on Damien Hayes' balcony, the cool night air brushing her skin with the anticipation of what could possibly happen next. 

Damien Hayes is used to getting what he wants. He swears he will have Cara no matter what—body and soul—yet only time will tell what he has in store for her vulnerable heart. But just as Cara seems ready to surrender to Damien’s insatiable thirst for her, will an unexpected call from home plunge Cara back into all the turmoil she thought she’d left behind forever?

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
August 20
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

rivahgal ,


The book is short but good! Leaves you anticipating what’s going to happen next, a quick and fun read!!

DesiriIlana ,

Naked Book One Lucia Jordan iBooks

I love the lust forming between Damien and Cara. I think that it’s a mask for what could be. I hope that they can make a relationship work between them. Is Eric really dead or is there more to the story. And what happened between Cara and Eric that one prevented her from wanting to sleep with him and two caused her not to want to marry him inevitably running away to Colorado.

RoKellis1989 ,


The details made it so real,like you were actually there seeing it all play out! It was so deep and passionate and I couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to see what happened with her ex fiancé Eric !

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