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Be Prepared For Your Next Encounter With The Bully In Your Family Or Church…In this long-awaited sequel to Narcissistic Predicaments, award-winning author Sister Renee Pittelli not only teaches more lessons on handling abusive birth-families, but expands the discussion to include abusive church families as well, with invaluable insights and information about phony “Christians” and toxic churches, the biblically in-error “Christian” abuser and the ignorant, rude and presumptuous Spiritual Bully. Narcissistic Confrontations is chock full of eye-opening revelations and helpful strategies, including: *The Narcissist’s 35 Rules of Engagement *12 Examples of juvenile behavior and mentality in narcissistic confrontations *All Narcissists Are Liars, and the things they lie about *Every interaction with a narcissist is a competition, and only the narcissist is allowed to win *The 3 Basic Principles of Selective Amnesia *3 Things that prove “I Can’t Help It” is a lie *What happens when you go to counseling with a narcissist *8 Ways to make a narcissist prove he’s really changed *The Business Deal with the hidden clauses *Making abuse sound like a good thing *How to spot and handle a child of Satan who is pretending to be a child of God *When they sense they’re losing their grip on you, 5 Surprising Tactics they use to keep you attached *37 Typical Steps in the decline and fall of our abusive relationships *How to handle the Silent Treatment, ultimatums, being “second fiddle,” getting disowned, and other narcissistic “punishments” *The Narcissistic Nuclear Meltdown *4 Secret Ways to “change” a narcissist *How to set a trap for the “spy” in your midst, and what to do with her once you figure out who she is *14 Promises to make to ourselves that will help us recognize toxic people and choose healthy relationships from now on *Luke 17:3 Ministries’ Abuser/Narcissist/Psychopath FAQ. In Narcissistic Confrontations you will learn about “normal” conversations with narcissists versus confrontations, why narcissists manipulate, how they use favors you do for them to ruin your reputation, narcissistic projection, narcissistic group dynamics, recognizing toxic people and groups, some clarification on what “lacking empathy” really means, how to tell if listening to someone else’s advice is a healthy or unhealthy pattern for you, what happens when narcissists team up with each other or with psychopaths, how to tell if it’s really “old age” or a “mental illness” that makes someone abuse you, the difference between “judging” and “rebuking,” Nonsense Statements and other abusive battle tactics, what happens in our relationships when we start changing, and much, much more. Narcissistic Confrontations prepares you for battle with family and church narcissists, so that you will no longer be caught off-guard, blindsided and manipulated by the wiles of the evil among us. Written with humor, compassion and wisdom, and filled with empowering scriptural references, this book provides loads of effective strategies and useful step-by-step directions, as well as support, validation, peace and freedom for those who find themselves targeted by ungodly birth-families and church families.

Religion & Spirituality
March 6
Outskirts Press
Ingram DV LLC

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