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All readers interested in illustrated literature, from middle school to young adult to the old and venerable, read and witness: Every day along his sales route Dominicus Pike passes on important news of the day. One day he hears about a catastrophe that befalls the esteemed Mr. Higgenbotham, so he relays that startling news immediately. But his story doesn’t add up as further details emerge. Was Dominicus relaying news or just telling a tale? Find out by reading Nathaniel Hawthorne’s most charming story, simplified and modernized by author Jerome Tiller's light and respectful editing, with its charms magnified via fabulous pen and ink drawings by Marc Johnson-Pencook.

This adaptation will introduce middle school readers to Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of America's greatest authors. But this classic adaptation is not only for middle school readers. It will also entertain all young adult readers and every reader who enjoys beautifully written classic stories with fine art illustrations; namely, classic illustrated literature. Jerome Tiller chooses the best short-form literature to modernize for the Adapted Classics collection – like this classic short story told by renowned author Nathaniel Hawthorne – by simplifying the language and adapting the narrative to blend with Marc Johnson-Pencook's imaginative, fine art illustrations that rival any rendered in the golden era of illustration. End result – illustrated literature tailored for a range of modern readers, from middle school to young adult to mid-life and beyond! This is illustrated classic literature at its finest, for one and for all!

Young Adult
September 30
ArtWrite Productions
Jerome Tiller
Grades 6-12

Customer Reviews

DiDonovan ,

A Classic Updated for Modern Young Readers!

This is a classic story adapted for young readers ages 10-13. Lively, rich, black and white illustrations by Marc Johnson-Pencook inject new life into a classic writer's work.

The drier appearance and style of the original story translates well to larger print, full-page pen and ink drawings, and a paperback format that lends an unassuming, attractive air to this comical tale about a search for truth, and the conundrum a gossip-spreading peddlar finds himself in when faced with the uncertain demise of Mr. Higginbotham.

All the elements that make 'classics' so challenging for younger audiences have been eliminated in this remake to create an enticing, involving final result. Tiller's efforts to update the look, style, and text arrangement succeed in making it attractive to young readers. He also succeeds in retaining the irony and humor of a story that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Ultimate this is a terrific example of how 'classics' writers' works can, with a little attention to illustration, format, and design, be updated to appeal to modern Young Readers!

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