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Follow the journey of Nitro, a tiger kept in captivity in Kansas. His story starts when the county sheriffs visited a Kansas property and decided to confiscate all big cats from their owner. Lions were sent to the Detroit Zoo, and Nitro and his friend Apache went to the Carolina Tiger Rescue. As Nitro was adjusting to his new home, things went terribly wrong. Fever broke out, and he lost his sight. With the help of his rescuers, his friend Apache, and a lot of patience and love, blind Nitro was given a whole new way to "see". Nitro became the keepers' and visitors' favorite.

Filled with gorgeous photographs, sidebars, and fun facts, Tiger in Trouble! is sure to captivate all big cats lovers. Kids will learn great tips about these fascinating creatures and how to contribute to their conservation.

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This book will capture the hearts of animal lovers everywhere, as they will love reading the true stories of humans saving the lives of amazing animals.

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October 9
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Customer Reviews

Lil ' Cutie ,

The Tigers

Chapter one

Once upon a time there lived a tiger .Far far away in the forest they had some food to eat but the mom said no. So they wait until they can eat so the mom finally said you can eat so then they were so hungry so then the Tigers went and they were babies they snuck out and look for food by without the Dad or Mom or the brothers. So then after that when I was morning then try to look for the babies but she couldn't find him so she got really worried so she's told daddy tiger say the babies are not here we got to go find him. But they finally find the cops and they were almost eaten by animals I don't know what animal but animals. And then when I fell
Chapter 2
they couldn't find the Cubs so then they found it the next morning and then they lived happily ever .After but not all like that so then they found the pipes and the eight again. But then a strange night but the Cubs did not know was coming because they you know they have the eight and buy a lot of animals .So that I am is got eaten so that was really bad for that and to get one got eaten in the Dad today tiger went to go get the other one and the other stomach at least you still alive. So then the Tigers a yogurt instead of the phone didn't have anything.

Thank you for listening to my book I hope you love it

Lily Winge. ❤️😂😎😘

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