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Is Your Hair Breaking Off?

If your answer is yes, this book is for you. It's most likely that you're natural and you've been looking for solutions for healthier hair.

Believe me...I've been there. I myself have dry and kinky hair, and I know what it's like to search for solutions to stop breakage and retain the length of my hair.

It can be quite annoying: trying different products, conditioning daily, and trying all types of oils that will remedy the problem for good

That's exactly why I wrote this book, for the natural black sista who has to deal with the battle of keeping her hair presentable while dealing with the other pressures and demands of life.

Instead of trying to just remedy the issue, I simply wanted to give you some more information about our hair; so you'll understand more about it and what you're up against. Understanding what works best for Afrocentric hair is where it all starts!

On top of that, there are proven treatments, methods, and more in the book that will help aid in your hair's health and moisture. 

Here's What To Expect...

-What Breakage Is Exactly

-Signs Your Hair Is Breaking, Not Shedding

-Natural Hair Breakage Prevention

-Length Retention 

-Tips For Healthier Hair

-and Much, much more!

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August 16
Natural Hair Master
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