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The President's Lover-- (3 Book Novel Series)

A heart pounding, forbidden, secret love affair. Josie is a poor girl from nowhere. But after a chance meeting on her first day as a waitress, she longs only for the touch of the most powerful man in the world. 

On the first day of another dead-end job, she meets the man of her dreams, a young politician who also happens to be the front-runner for President of the United States.

Soon she falls headlong into lust and love. Can they overcome the odds and be more than just secret lovers? 

This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James.

One of the most talked about erotic romance novels on the shelves today. 

"The President's Lover" is hot romance with mature situations.

My Husband's Boss-- (3 Book Novel Series)
Summer loses herself in a forbidden affair with gorgeous alpha hunk and it threatens to destroy her comfortable safe live. 

She was a young woman from the poor side of town with a dark past. She gave up on her dreams too young, but chance reunited her with the gorgeous stud she briefly met once years earlier. He was wild and strong. A billionaire untamed and unmasked.

Against her better judgment, she finally succumbs to her desires.

This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James. Where Summer O'dette, a girl from the  trailer parks, takes you on a journey into the world of a gorgeous alpha male billionaire.

Here it is. One of the most talked about erotic romance novels for women on the shelves today. 

"My Husband's Boss" is a hot and highly erotic romance with mature situations.

Forbidden: The Man of the House-- (3 Book Novel Series)

Heart pounding, body thrilling, forbidden lust between a wealthy, married older man and a beautiful but inexperienced American coed.

Starling is a pampered college girl on work study in beautiful Spain who falls into uncontrollable lust with a married Billionaire. 

She's a young woman with the perfect life. Set to marry her hunky quarterback fiancé, until a rapid fire of life-changing events draws her into the world of a mysterious untamed Spanish Billionaire and his beautiful wife. 

It's Erotic Romance That Will Leave You Gasping for More. "Forbidden" is an engrossing page-turner, set amid the pristine beauty of the Spanish countryside. It brings to life a young and confused woman's deep longings for a powerful, mature, wealthy man. And whether the perfect safe life is worth risking on lust.

"Forbidden: The Man of the House" is a hot romance with mature situations.

"A Slave to the Fantasy"-- (9 Books)

Handsome and successful with the world at his feet, Samuel Roberts can't let go of his obsession with a beautiful woman. His deepest insecurities and fears come alive again in a seemingly chance reunion with the beautiful and mysterious Tanya Carasco. To the world and his rabid fan base, dating expert Samuel Roberts has it all: looks, success, money, and fame. In his soul he walks an emotional tight rope of sadness and desire as he pines for the one woman he can't have. 

She's an enchanting exotic beauty oceans away whom he knows only through still photographs and internet instant messages. More than a fantasy, Tanya is sexy, stunning, and deeply troubled. Blessed with looks that mesmerizes men everywhere, her passionate but wounded heart belongs not to her cyber lover Samuel Roberts. 

Pulse pounding from beginning to exciting end. "A Slave to the Fantasy"  is Hot Romance with Mature Situations.

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