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Handsome, successful, and charming Donovan Taylor could crook his finger and gain the attention of any woman. As a twenty-one-year-old, he dated a woman who looked like a Victoria's Secret model and had the investment brains of Warren Buffet. As a twenty-five-year-old, he began working for one of the biggest and most powerful law firms, and has worked himself to the top of the food chain ever since.

With everything in life going his way, Donovan never expected to be so confused and upended by a girl, ten years his junior; a girl he once considered his fifth sister. Spunky, beautiful, and smart Delaney Reid loves life, loves her family, and has loved Donovan Taylor ever since she could remember. Delaney has had her say in her novel, Unlikely Attraction - Delaney's Story. Now, it's time to hear from Donovan.

Near Perfect Attraction - Donovan's Story parallels Unlikely Attraction - Delaney's Story, and is also split into three sections. It begins with Kate, the woman who had been a part of Donovan's life for the past ten years. Then Jane, Max's girlfriend, Delaney's cousin, and Donovan's best friend's, sister, creates a mess for him as he finds a common attraction with a woman who was not meant to be. And last, but not least, Delaney takes center-stage in his life and captures his unwilling attention.

Reiders around the world have fallen in love with the Reid family and the love and drama they create when they find their soul-mates. This story will be no different as we hear why Donovan fought the strong attraction to his eventual wife for so long. Read about dates that were not recorded in Delaney's diary. Learn of all the behind-the-scene conversations Donovan had with friends and family before coming to the final conclusion that he was in love with his bride-to-be. Experience the sweet affection between the two as they declare their love for one another, get married, and have their own surprises along the way.

Hearing a story from the heroine's point of view is sweet, emotional, and filled with love. Hearing a story from the hero's point of view is all that and so much more!

February 11
DW Cee
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Mar Shares MSK ,

Near Perfect Attraction

Loved Delaney's diary telling. Love the sampling of Donovan's POV. I know this book will be great!

Niteowl818 ,

So excited!!!

I am so excited to read Donovan's POV. Love all your work!!! ;)

Afishreader ,


Loved it. I did want to slap Donovan upside the head to make him realize he was in love with Delaney a lot sooner than he did. Thanks DW

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