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Neighbors Two is a three act play to be performed on a raised stage in front of the audience. There are two scenes: the open living area of the Desantos’ home, and the wrap-around new porch of the Solomons’ next door.

Lisa has just been given a ride home from school by her new boyfriend, Steve, who is a college freshman. He has recruited her to march in an anti-gas-drilling protest rally in which he is a major organizer. Lisa is excited by her role in the march, but she knows her mother would not want her to date an older man. Greg's guitar music can be heard in the background.
Lisa is frustrated because Honey, her friend, neighbor, and confidant, is not returning her calls. In a monologue at the proscenium, she complains about how royalty payments from gas exploration have changed all the people she knows. Gretchen walks in from the kitchen garden. Lisa suspects she has been at the Solomons’ house, and probably with Billy. The two dispute proper clothing for Lisa.

Duke and Fred, his brother-in-law, both lawyers, return from the successful conclusion of a dispute between Oakstone Electric and Bear Mountain Township. The conversation is about green causes, Esther Solomon's proposed restaurant, and the possibility of a protest rally. Dina enters with more celebratory wine. Honey drives up in her new blue convertible, greets everyone, and the two teens walk to the back exit. After a brief celebration the women retire, leaving Duke and Fred to talk. Duke accidentally finds a pregnancy test kit and worries that his daughter is pregnant.

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August 7
Wilcox Publishing
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