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If you want to learn about Neural Networks then keep reading...

Aladdin from "The Arabian Nights" had a magic lamp that fulfilled his every wish when rubbed. Today we have a smartphone that serves as a window to a whole universe of knowledge, entertainment and even wise personal assistants, such as Siri – all we have to do is rub the screen. Aladdin's lamp was powered by a genie, but what powers Siri? 

Neural networks. It's an astounding concept that tries to mimic the way living brains work by amalgamating human and machine ways of thinking.

The goal of this book is to present the reader with a digestible, readable explanation of neural networks while keeping the underlying concepts intact. The reader will acquire fundamental knowledge of neural networks through loosely related chapters that nonetheless reference terms and ideas mentioned throughout the book. 

The book itself isn't meant to be strictly academic, but a blend of colloquial and technical that brings this exciting, yet eerie, topic to the widest swath of the general public. There is a lot of coding and math behind neural networks, but the reader is presumed to have no prior knowledge or interest in either, so the concepts are broken down and elaborated on as such.

Each chapter is made as standalone as possible to allow the reader to skip back and forth without getting lost, with the glossary at the very end serving as a handy summary. Where possible, references have been included to support the presented conclusions and encourage the reader to scrutinize the traditional media in search of clues. 

Neural Networks: An Essential Beginners Guide to Artificial Neural Networks and their Role in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence cover topics such as:

- Programming a smart(er) computer

- Composition

- Giving neural networks legs to stand on

- The magnificent wetware

- Personal assistants

- Tracking users in the real world

- Self-driving neural networks

- Taking everyone's job

- Quantum leap in computing

- Attacks on neural networks

- Neural network war

- Ghost in the machine

- No backlash

- And Much, Much More

Computers & Internet
August 10
Herbert Jones
Draft2Digital, LLC

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