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He wanted what so many wish for… a chance to go back and take the path not chosen. But at what price?

In every person’s life, there are forks in the road along the way. Decisions are made that have dramatic life altering consequences. What may have seemed like the right choice to make through the eyes of youth and immaturity, can appear quite foolish when looking back after living with the consequences of that fateful decision. Wouldn’t it just be human nature to occasionally find oneself wondering what life would have been like had you taken the other turn in that road? The difference with Joey Donovan is that somewhere along the way he went from occasionally imagining the possibilities... to constantly dwelling on the path not chosen.

Joseph Donovan is twenty-nine years old, handsome, intelligent, charismatic, liked and respected by all. He is married to his college sweetheart, a woman who is his equal in every way. He has two beautiful children who he obviously adores. He has the kind of life most people long for—and many are never fortunate enough to ever possess. But Joey is an uncommonly driven man who wants more—who needs more—the chance to reach the potential he feels that poor decisions of his youth deprived him of. This is the story of one man’s opportunity to take that path not chosen... and all the unintended consequences that journey entails. Joey’s long and winding road to redemption is full of gut-wrenching heartache and despair—enlightenment coming at an unfathomable price he had never intended to pay.

And, along the way, precious treasures are lost... but they are never forgotten.

April 19
J. Grant Thompson
Smashwords, Inc.

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