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Cupid she’s not—but she’s pretty darn close. 

Nothing in the world feels better than finding her clients the perfect date. Finding one for herself might be nice, but creative bill paying is not for accomplished doctors in their forties. Satisfied customers keep the electricity on. 

Everything in her life was fine until she quit her celebrity radio job to start a dating business. Two years, a cheating ex, and a very ugly divorce later, she’s back to living with her mother. Not that her mom isn’t great, but come on. 

With her cop ex-husband doing everything he can to ruin her business, she’s at her wit's end. Throw in another cop who makes her want to believe in love at first sight again and life is a mess.  Another sexy bad boy cop is the last thing she needs.

AUTHOR NOTE: I know it can be hard to know what's in a book these days. This is a contemporary, mostly clean, mostly sweet, romantic comedy with attitude. I hope this helps.

April 24
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Customer Reviews

Reading by the Book Blog ,

Second Chance

This book was a breath of fresh air after a truck pollution. I want me a John and a mother named Georgia. Mariah, I am a little envious of you at the moment but love that you worked like Stella and got your groove back. Dan on the other hand.... I could have strangled him seven ways to Sunday.

This was a winner from beginning to end. I enjoyed the chemistry, banter, and LOVED the wet t-shirt contest. Just epic as scenes in this book goes. Thank you Donna for bringing back what is missing.

Snoopyvet ,

Loved it

Great story line and great characters. Loved the humor and the romance. Best of all I loved that it has older woman and men in it. So many books only have 20-30's like one you get older than 39 romance is off the table. One of the favorite things reading this author is she doesn't have an age limit for love and romance. Can't wait to read book two

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