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Her business is wildly successful, but the rest of her life is just wild. 

Sixty may be the new forty, but not for the Honorable Eleanor J. Skyler. She's retiring from the law firm she spent her entire career building. What's wrong with wanting to wear yoga clothes every day and go zip-lining whenever the adventurous mood strikes? Nothing, that's what.

She's got no time for dating and drama. She certainly has no time to deal with her senior law partner, Andrew Carson, who has for reasons she can't fathom, decided she's his perfect woman. To say she's confused in an understatement. They've known each other for over twenty years. They knew each other's spouses before they died. Why is Andrew suddenly looking at her legs and telling her she's beautiful? He's barely over fifty. He has the tiny sports car. Why can't Andrew chase a twenty-year-old like every other man having a mid-life crisis?

It's bad enough her son bought her a membership to The Perfect Date. She's going through that hot mess to stop her children from nagging about her love life. Just because Greg found sweet Jellica through that dating service doesn't mean Eleanor's going to waste her time going out with grumpy old men. No, thank you. That's never happening. Neither is dating men younger than her shoes. The whole dating situation is ridiculous. Why does she have to date at all?

Before she went back to work to rescue Jellica, her life was perfectly calm and peaceful. Hope of returning to that flew out the window when one of Dr. Brentwood Colombo's ex-wives mistook her for his new flame, Georgia Bates. Apparently whisky can make you appear taller. Who knew? 

A video of the woman smacking her with her purse has gone viral. Now, she's a social celebrity. If her broken nose is making the news, people need to get a life. 

The only consolation to the wildness is Andrew having to stand in line to woo her out of widowhood because her list of potential suitors at The Perfect Date is out of control.

February 27
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Customer Reviews

DoniseC ,

An entertaining read about a more mature couple.

Being a single woman over the age of fifty myself, there was quite a bit that I could relate to in regards to Eleanore and her return to the dating scene. I found this book to be quite enjoyable and some of the characters are hysterical. This book can be a stand alone, but I found that I would like to go and find some of the other background characters stories so that I can learn more about them.
Eleanor feels that she is too old and not attractive enough to be dating anyone let alone the senior partner at her law firm. She just cannot figure out what Andrew sees in her and she finds their difference in ages a set-back. I enjoyed reading about their journey. It is nice to read a book about more mature couples.

I received an ARC of this book and I am freely and voluntarily leaving this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

Ballarddebbie ,

Never Too Old To Date (#9)

Loved reading another sensational and entertaining story by the phenomenal author, Donna McDonald. Eleanor, a widow in her sixties, is getting ready to retire again from her law firm and her partner in his fifties, a widower, a man she's known for years, handsome and in good shape, Andrew, is going through a mid life crisis and telling her how good her legs look and wanting to taking her out to dinner. Eleanor's family want her to start dating and sign her up for The Perfect Date. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, full of romance and humor, and a must read love story.

Contessajj ,

I laughed, I sighed, I couldn’t keep from smiling...

When is a cougar not a cougar, when the younger man is chasing her. But when he’s also a very good friend and co-worker I could see why Eleanor was even more wary. It’s a good thing Andrew is persistent. I’m not quite to retirement age yet, but I hope I have half of the energy and grace Elle still has. And Andrew in his fifties still has a six pack, love it. What I really love though is the fun these two have and the realistic way widowhood is portrayed. A well written rom-com for older people is hard to find and this one is a gem. It was a wonderful winter afternoon read.

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