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A signed copy oNevertheless, She Persisted: judicial abuse towards voiceless Americans

Nevertheless, She Persisted: is a groundbreaking true story of surviving judicial abuse by the hands of Judge Richard J. Leon and Two Supreme Court Nominee Chief Judge Merrick Garland and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. District of Columbia Civil Court Judge's judicial misconduct caused the author of Nevertheless She Persisted to develop Agoraphobia. “If the police are not going to enforce my rights and Judges are not going to enforce my rights - I am safer at home.” This book explores Jim Crow Justice from 1932-2018: Great Uncle Issa Woodard while in uniform was attacked and blinded by South Carolina police after being honourably discharged from the U.S. Army; to 2018 Jim Crow Justice by the hands of Brett Kavanaugh and other complicit judges in the D.C. Federal Court. The only court people with disabilities can go to enforce their civil rights.


My rights were disregarded due to my status. Is this abuse common? Of course, it is. This is why the federal courts are purposely hiding judicial misconduct complaints. So America, you may say, this does not affect me, but you have a mother right? You may have a sister; you may have a daughter. Do you know how many judges are accused of sexual misconduct towards female clerks, staff attorneys, or janitors? No! That's because the same system used to cover up judicial abuse towards the poor is the same system used to cover up sexual misconduct allegations. Oh, now I got your attention.

  Judicial misconduct rulings are dumped onto circuit court websites and as scanned documents that can't be searched by name, keywords, or any other content that a public citizen may seek to find. These orders are stored as a series of numbered files with no indication of the allegations, the person filing, or the outcome. This practice makes it even more difficult to identify the most severe misconduct cases that are hidden among the opaque lists of documents because each order must be opened and individually read to gain even minimal information about the nature of the complaint. Despite the court's attempts to cover up judicial abuse, I still was able to find Ms. Smith's, an African American woman, complaint about the same judge during the same time frame, and the same two years of judicial abuse that I suffered. Judge Garland knew of Judge Leon willful denial of poor African American women's equal access compared to the access he gave white litigants who could afford a lawyer. Having experienced this is a burden and a feeling of sorrow, but this honest talk sheds some light on the secret of judicial misconduct. No one seems to care if these judges only abuse Americans who are too poor to afford a lawyer, too disabled to speak up, and too Black to be seen. The judges who believe they are above the rule of law want to keep this secret out of the public view so these stories will never be brought to light. Their voices will never be heard. 

 'If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it.' -Zora Neale Hurston 

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