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From the author of the bestselling Miller's Creek series comes this daily devotional for women, full of God's new beginnings, second chances, and fresh starts.

Endings in life aren't always pleasant or expected, but they are always followed by new beginnings. With each new beginning we tend to count our God-given blessings, dream big, and set new faith goals for a new season of life. But wouldn't it be wonderful if we could enjoy those new beginnings on a daily basis?

We can.

Our Jesus always does new. As the giver of new life, new is His calling card, and every new beginning with Him makes everything better than before. His mercies are new every morning.

Join us for this 31-day daily devotional journey as we pick up the sword of truth to study verses on how God makes all things new. Can you hear Jesus calling? It truly is time for out with the old and in with the new.

Don't miss this chance to explore our countless new beginnings with Jesus.


"This is an excellent devotional for anyone who is facing a new beginning in their life. I found Cathy Bryant's style to be engaging and like sitting and having coffee with a mentor who loves and cares about my journey. I was pretty amazed at how many facets and angles of newness were explored in this devotional, and I found myself very refreshed and encouraged to press on after reading each entry. I highlighted so many things that there is no way I can share favorite quotes this time! There are just too many!"

"Being able to randomly go to any day in the book and read the scripture, explanations and questions will make it easy to use this devotional for years to come."

"When choosing a devotional to use during my daily Bible study, I look for one that has substance, or what Scripture refers to as meat. I can tell you that Cathy Bryant’s New Beginnings fits the bill. Each one gave me something to chew on and ponder which led me to deeper study of God’s Word."

"I highly recommend 'New Beginnings' and the other devotional books in the LifeSword series by Cathy Bryant."

"A new day, a new beginning! Cathy has done a great job in this devotional of showing us that through our relationship with Christ a new beginning is what He has in store for us when we come to Him. I like how in this crazy, hectic world Cathy's daily devotions are short and easy to read, but very thought-provoking. As a busy wife, mom of two boys, and working a full time job only a few minutes are available before chaos hits, so it is nice to have this quiet alone time with Him in such a way Cathy provides."

"Cathy Bryant 's new devotional book, "New Beginnings" is one of the best devotional books I have ever read. It is a great way to start the new year with 31 devotions designed to jump start a new beginning. This is a book I would use in counseling sessions in that I would give it to clients, friends, or church members who have gone through a difficult year and need a new beginning."

"New Beginnings is a wonderful devotional that reminds us that each new day is indeed a new beginning in our journey of faith. As we read, we see that our mistakes, our failures, our shortcomings can all be brought to Jesus and traded for a brand new start."

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