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Stars shine brightest together.

"My name's Anise Kendall and I'm an idol, actress, and lover of cute girls. Just a few short months ago, I was still living on dusty old Mars with my best friend, Isla. Now? We're both students at the prestigious Dreamstar Academy for Idols on planet Aida, the centre of all forms of entertainment among the stars.

We've settled into our new lives here, Isla's managed to find herself a new friend and rival called Ema, and is currently giving her a sense of appreciation for the role lungs play in the human body. As for me, I'm getting ready for an important audition to become a new superhero. Exciting stuff!

There's an almost endless variety to the types of idol out there, and I've made it my job to learn about them all. Because becoming an idol is easy. But becoming a successful idol? Ah, that's the hard part, and the more unique you are, the more likely you'll be to succeed.

Now I just have to hope Isla and our other new friends figure this out. Fading into obscurity is a fate worse than death for an idol, after all..."

New Blooms & Rising Stars is the follow-up five volumes of An Idol Romance, a sci-fi-themed, slice of life lesbian erotic romance series full of positivity and warmth. Each volume is novella-length (30-50k words apiece, total length ~185,000) and my awesome Patreon supporters get access to them as they're completed.

This series will appeal to fans of slice of life shows, Japanese idol lovers, and anyone in search of low-conflict, feel good stories where cute lesbian relationships are developed alongside the girls' professional lives as inspirational idols. This is an ensemble cast story and all major characters are between 18-23.

Heat Level: Lesbian erotic romance. Explicit and focusing on fun relationships and naughty situations, but generally comprising no more than one-quarter of each book.

Book 6: Chasing the Moon

After her run-in with the academy's top idol, Isla now has a new direction and a target to chase. But catching Luna won't be easy, and Isla will have to learn what it truly means to be a top level idol, starting from the fundamental basics and, most importantly, not overstretching herself...

As Isla begins putting in the 120% necessary to snap at Luna's heels, she meets a new friend called Ema, a girl who has forgotten how to smile.

Meanwhile, Eva works towards the new opportunities Mira has opened up for her.

Book 7: Lost in a Dream

Ema's run-in with Isla has sent her life barrelling down a new path and she finally starts making some headway with her goal of proving her mother wrong, of proving that she has it in her to become an idol. With help from the idols at her newly-joined agency, 303 Productions, Ema will have to learn a difficult lesson; that your triumphs must be earned.

Book 8: The Phoenix Rises

A new reboot of the classic Fighting Falcon stellarvision series has Anise idolgasming harder than ever before, but more than the audition itself, she finds herself in an interesting new situation with another girl going for the same role...

Book 9: The Wrong Road

Eva is given an amazing opportunity at the city known simply as Movie Town, and two new girls arrive at Dreamstar for the big Explorer Event.

Book 10: Worlds Apart

Yana and Kelly are put into an awkward situation for the Explorer Event, where they have to work together despite their respective worlds' awkward histories...

June 13
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