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This 152,000-word novel begins in the Spring of 2010 as two of the world's superpowers plunge into a conflict over the control of a newly discovered deposit of a very rare metal. At the same time, a world-renowned radio astronomer finally comes face-to-face with the fulfillment of a life long dream, just as the funding of his research is nearing its end. The uncertainties of the time lead the central character, Michael Brown, into a series of visions and soul-searching analyses about the universe and his role within it. The introspective process he undertakes makes him ready for the next step -- direct contact with an alien civilization.

The initial meeting comes suddenly and in a manner that he never would have expected. He soon learns that the visiting aliens are on a peaceful mission. He also learns that he is a prominent figure in their plans. Under the guidance of a congenial alien ambassador and her wise and compassionate leader. Michael Brown begins an epic journey of spiritual significance. As the story progresses, he learns of how alien culture ascended to inter-galactic prominence through its faith and understanding of the natural laws. Each step of the journey leads him to a higher level of awareness, causing him to view the Creator, and the universe, in a brand new way.

Brown's path to enlightenment encompasses numerous mini-adventures that include the abduction of his family by the government, an illness that temporarily renders him comatose and a personal confrontation with evil. These events, and the supernatural experiences that the aliens provide him, serve to prepare him for a future that he never could have imagined.

Using highly evolved spirituality and the sophisticated technology at their disposal, the extraterrestrials start a transformation that will ultimately affect the way Earth's people relate to each other. As the story ends, we learn that Michael Brown will be responsible for managing this important transformation. It will be up to him to lead the planet to a new time of peace and harmony in the New Earth Rising.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 12
Trafford Publishing

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