New World War New World War

New World War

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Berlin 1937, Adolph Hitler and his cabinet meet with representatives of a tiny Latin American nation. Years later, the unfolding consequences of that fateful meeting plunge a continent into flames. New World War concludes the saga begun in Axis of Andes. These stunning alternate histories explore the baroque and tragic journey of Latin America from independence to the depression, and chronicling a dark history that might have been.

In Axis of Andes, a tiny change alters the outcome of an election. Rippling outwards, Fascist movements gain more momentum, local politics unravel in new directions. What in our history was a small brushfire war between Ecuador and Peru becomes a death struggle as a prepared Ecuador fights back. As the world looks on, Chile attacks Peru, and the Andean wars begin, with invasions, counter-invasions, trench war, sea battles and brutal contests extending from mountains to rain forests.

New World War sees the Andean powers stalemated and growing desperate. None of them have the power to knock their adversaries out of the war. Instead, one by one other nations are drawn in as the warring nations seek advantage, Bolivia falls into civil war, the combatants in the rain forest blunder into Brazil, and Argentina and Colombia meddle for their own advantage.

Deep examinations of the history, societies and economies of each combatant reveal the underlying tensions and stresses, the fault lines and tectonic divides that drive the internal politics and international agendas of each combatant. We see scenes of the war and the combatants from their own perspective as the world falls apart around them, written as both a history and as a series of compelling narratives,

Axis of Andes  and New World War are a pair of thrilling, yet scholarly, Alternate History works which rewrites the map of South America in astonishing ways.

Fiction & Literature
July 8
D.G. Valdron
Draft2Digital, LLC

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