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Author Janet Boyer has endured—and triumphed over—abuse, bullying, a bus accident that almost left her crippled for life, major depression, widowhood, gender discrimination, organizational boycotting, stalking, slander, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and her only son’s Autism spectrum diagnosis at age four. Now a bestselling author, Amazon.com Hall of Fame Reviewer (there’s only 135), motivational writer, oracle creator, popular radio guest (including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory), Tarot pioneer and award-winning cook—as well as a beloved wife (seventeen years with her second husband) and homeschooling Mom (her son is doing great!)—Janet brings you many of the practices and approaches that have led to her personal and professional success in her eBook New Year, New You.

More important than any “success” she’s achieved, however, is the confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, passion, balance and peace of mind she has gained by applying what’s in this eBook.

And now, so can you.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Know Thyself (Who Are You?)

Archetypes (What Story Are You Living?)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Keirsey (16 Types)
The Enneagram (9 Types)
ANSIR (3 Sides of You: 14 Styles and 1 “Boss”)

Chapter 2: Clarifying What You Want (Values and Self-Defined Success)

What Do YOU Value? (Your Values vs. Their Values)
Making Decisions Based on YOUR Values
Writing Exercise
Collage Exercise
Mission Statement, Theme for the Year and Your “Three Words”

Chapter 3: Time Management

Spending Time Inventory (Where Does Your Time Go?)
10 Tips for Time Management

Chapter 4: Stress Relief

The Four Kinds of Stress (The Good, Bad and Ugly)
Vitamins and Herbs
Exercise and Movement (Time to Get a Move On)
Myofascial Release and Other Modalities (More than Relaxing Muscles)
Laughter (The Best Medicine?)
Caffeine (Watch Out for the Caffiend!)
Sleep (You’re Not Getting Enough)
Preparing Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep (Yes, You Can!)

Chapter 5: Aromatherapy

13 Essential Oils (Aroma, Uses and Cautions)
Aromatherapy Basics
Bath Salts Recipe
Bath Oil Recipe

Chapter 6: Introduction to Bach Flower Essences

Rescue Remedy (When Catastrophe Strikes)
The 38 Bach Flower Essences and What They Treat (Emotional Balance)

Chapter 7: Feng Shui

The 9 Celestial Cures (For Every Dwelling)
A 10th Cure? (Could Be!)

Chapter 8: A Check-Up from the Neck Up

Perspective is Everything (Why Your Thoughts Matter)
Over-thinking and Worry (It Can Kill You)
Optimism and Pessimism (Half Full Is Always Best)
Pessimism (The Depression Link)

Chapter 9: Unforgiveness and Bitterness

How to Forgive
Why People Don’t Choose to Forgive
10 Ways to Cultivate Forgiveness

Chapter 10: On the Home Front (Getting Your “House” In Order)

Take an Inventory (Spring Clean Your Life)
The “Rooms” of Life
The Game Room (The Importance of Play
The Living Room (Relationships and Family)
The Kitchen (Healthful Eating)
The Library (Mental Stimulation)
The Bedroom (Sexuality and Intimacy)
The Yard (Easy Makeovers and Pampering)
The Five Love Languages (Lost in Translation?)
The Five Love Languages of Children
How to Fight Fair
Parenting – 10 Ways to Be a Better Parent

Chapter 11: Dealing with Grief (The Five Stages)

Chapter 12: Spiritual Crisis (Dark Night of the Soul)

Chapter 13: Spiritual Health and Inspiration

Meditation and Inspiration
The Importance of Childlikeness (A Spiritual Essay)
An Attitude of Gratitude
The God of Your Understanding
The Chakras (Energy Vortices That Regulate our Life)
Journey of Souls (Life Purpose and Soul Lessons)
Six-Sensory Living

Chapter 14: 100 Life Tips and Perspectives (Hard-Won Lessons)



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Janet Boyer
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