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The Colony of Connecticut in 1773. Christina O'Donovan's beloved older brother was dead. Her father, a veteran of the French and Indian War, was injured and unable to keep up with the family farm. And so she'd reluctantly agreed to a marriage with a miner who worked at the local Simsbury copper mines. His courtship was a business transaction - nothing more.

But when Seth somehow slipped and fell, descending a ladder he'd traversed a thousand times before, Christina was drawn into a maze of subterfuge she never could have imagined coming.

And at its center stood William Johnson Crawford, a New Hampshire man who would change her life forever.


Newgate Prison Copper Mines and the The Irish Lass - A 1700s Colonial America Sweet Romance Novella is a historical series set around the real-life copper mines in Simbsbury, Connecticut. In the late 1700s these mines had been run dry. They were then converted into the infamous Newgate Prison, one of the first federal attempts in the new United States to hold and incarcerate dangerous men. These mines were notorious in their own time, spawning delightfully adjective-rich newspaper write-ups as well as terror amongst the Tories who were threatened with a stay. 

The history and many characters are as authentic as I can make them. William Johnson Crawford is a documented person from this timeframe.

You can read these novellas one at a time as I write them, or you can wait until I finish the boxed set and present the complete story. Some readers prefer to read as I go, while others like to wait. It's wholly up to you which you prefer!

Contact me with any questions - I'd love to hear your feedback and ideas! And definitely make plans to visit Newgate when you can. It is an absolutely amazing experience, to descend into those historic copper mines and to feel what it was like.

Young Adult
August 16
Lisa Shea
Draft2Digital, LLC

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