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A millionaire pretending to be a chauffeur to get out of a marriage pact, what could possibly go wrong?

Eleanora "Nora" Atwood has never grocery shopped or taken public transportation, but to access her trust, she's required to live in the real world for three months—or marry. Nora has no interest in love, so a paper-only marriage is the obvious solution. And she knows the perfect groom—Anthony Carter, a fellow heir who owes her a huge favor.

Fritz, rarely known as Anthony these days, takes advantage of his beard and Nora Atwood's cluelessness when she mistakes him for a chauffeur. The eccentric socialite thinks her plan to cash in her chip with Anthony and marry him is brilliant, but Fritz almost got trapped in a loveless marriage once before, and it's not going to happen again. Letting her think he's someone else seems harmless until she turns out to be his neighbor.

Nora, a total fish out of water, suckers Fritz into helping her navigate her newfound independence, and he learns the hard way that opposites attract, but if he doesn't tell her his true identity before she stumbles on the truth, he'll risk losing her forever.

If you like Meghan Quinn, L.J Shen, and Kendall Ryan, you'll love this sexy enemies-to-lovers contemporary romance!

July 27
City Owl Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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alreadycrzy ,

Steamy Entertaining Read

This is the third book in the Shut Up and Kiss Me series. This book reads well as a standalone but if you've read books one and two, you’ll recognize Grace (book 1) and Gilly (book 2). Gilly is Anthony's (he prefers being called Fitz) sister so they pop into this story off and on. Reading the previous books aren't necessary to enjoy this one but they were good stories. I enjoyed this book but I did roll my eyes a lot at first. Nora isn't just odd and quirky she's absolutely clueless when it comes to life. You'll be asking yourself how does someone make it to adulthood and be this clueless while reading this book? Nora comes from a rich family and has no idea how lifeworks. Fitz also comes from a rich family but his parents taught them how to be self sufficient. Fitz' mom makes him promise to look out for Nora, so decides to have a little fun with her when she mistakes him for the chauffer and he finds out she wants to marry Anthony to gain access to her money, yippy another woman with an agenda that deals with money, his ex was a real piece of work that messed with him. Fitz finds himself spending more time with Nora and falling for her but she thinks he's someone he's not. How does one go about telling the woman they're falling for that they're been lying to them the whole time?

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

lynn71149 ,

Is he Fritz or Anthony?

Fritz/Anthony has recently been fixing up a building is driving an old work truck and is dressed in work clothes when he picks up Leonara/Nora at the airport and she mistakes him for the butler. Fritz is actually the son of a wealthy and his doing his mom a favor by picking up Nora and letting her stay in one of the units in his building. Nora has been sheltered her entire life by her wealthy parents who have told her she needs to get married to receive her inheritance so she can continue her privileged lifestyle. She has decided she should marry Anthony, who she hasn’t seen in years, because he owes her a favor since she covered for him once when they were teenagers. Nora is a little odd, has bright pink hair and her plants give her peace so she names them, talks to them, and plays music or audiobooks for them. Fritz had fairly recently had a breakup with a girlfriend that he discovered was only with him for his money. Fritz has never told Nora that he is actually Anthony and as they get to know each other they are attracted and grow closer. What will happen when Nora finally learns that Fritz is really Anthony?

This is the story of Nora and Fritz/Anthony who reconnect as adults when Nora arrives planning to marry Anthony so she can get her inheritance but she hasn’t seen him in years and mistakes him for the butler. It was comical reading about Nora shopping at a super center and having to learn how to live away from her privileged lifestyle. I was surprised how quickly Fritz was attracted to her with her naïveté and extreme love of plants after being hurt by his former girlfriend’s interest in him for his money. The epilogue was a great ending for their story.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Don’t judge a book

Review: 4/5⭐️
Steam: 3.5/5🔥

It is no secret that I love @jaquelinesnowe books. When I got the chance to do an ARC. You bet I jumped on that train real quick

#nextdoornightmare is book 3/3 in #shutupandkissmeseries.

Fritz is a corporate lawyer who’s two best friends are his sister and their mutual friend. You get to know them all from the start. He might have money but he still works, does what he wants and loves a normal Life.

Nora is sheltered to say the least. Growing up as an “heiress” she has no idea what the real world is like. When you first meet her, it’s as though everyone is below her. She is here on a mission to get a debt repaid. By the way that Fritz looks, she judges him right away, so he didn’t feel the need to correct her. She’s a little off her rocker but a genuine person.

I love him. He’s awesome. Down to earth and a total dope sometimes. He should listen to the women around him. There was a couple chapters I could have done without. But overall I enjoyed the book. I can’t wait to read what’s next!

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