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A new steamy contemporary romance about dating over 40 from USA Today Bestselling Author Donna McDonald. 

Dating at age 40 is the hardest game Taylor has ever played.

Despite injured Hockey player Maximillian Wade's charm, masculine appeal, and having an amazing brother engaged to her best friend, Taylor was keeping her distance. Her no-dating-jocks resolution went double for dating "Wicked Wade" whose womanizing past was a matter of public record. Even though he's barely over 30, Max insists he's a reformed man, but how can she believe him? At her age, she no longer believes the promises the men she's known only pretended to keep.

Just like her two best friends, Taylor learned her hardest lessons about love long before she turned 40. Her ex-husband divorced her when her sports-centered career almost went bankrupt to marry a rich woman. Good riddance, right? Yes, but until then, she hadn't even known he was that kind of person. Once Pink Link Sports became solvent again times ten, Taylor hadn’t seen any reason to attach herself to a man. Dating became optional.

That decision, though, was ironic given her business provided her with a veritable banquet of dating opportunities on a daily basis. The men who used her high-profile gym were talented, good-looking, and rich enough to afford her rates. Unfortunately, most also believed they deserved to date whoever they wanted whenever they wanted without worrying about Taylor daring to use the "c" word around them. 

Taylor saw herself as having been there, done that, and gotten too many consolation gifts to prove temporary relationships weren’t for her. Instead, she learned to accept that pretending to commit to one woman was merely a romantic ploy famous athletes used to get into a woman's bed for a short while. 

Taylor wants a real home, maybe a family, and someone who'd cook for her occasionally. Those tiny dreams are all that's survived her disappointing love life.

November 25
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Customer Reviews

Cher o ,

Giving love a chance

Next Game I Play is the return of Donna’s dating after 40 series and this is a real winner! Taylor saw her life explode when her ex divorced her right when her sports gym business was failing. Years later she has become one of the top businesswomen in the upper scale sports gyms. Unfortunately, along the way her love life remained on the back burner. Since one of her best friends Chloe has found love again with Jasper she wonders if she is missing out. Enter hockey play Max Wade who is Jasper’s brother. He is in his 30s and a typical sports stud and not at all someone Taylor should be attracted to or is he? Max swears he is reformed and he is going to get his woman Taylor! Taylor gets to see the real Max and wonders if what the press say are not always the truth. She gets to see the real Max and she likes what she sees. Of course there are a few bumps in the road but we get to see Max and Taylor come it on top. We also get to see Chloe and Jasper marry and Emma start to get more comfortable in her life and she begins to let a past love interest close. Can’t wait for her story!

StephanieRV ,

I loved Max and Taylor!

This is Next Game I Play written by Donna McDonald. It’s Taylors turn in our group of 40 something ladies and Max is determined that he will win her over. It’s cute and cuddly while being LOL funny and sexy and steamy. Watch out for Max, he is playing his best game. I can’t wait for the next one!

Contessajj ,

Even a har businesswoman can be softened by love

The storytelling in this book brings you into Taylor and Max’s lives. I could feel where Taylor was coming from as years later she was still scarred by the divorce and having to rebuild her life. Though I’m not much for love at first sight, the “zing” Max feels for Taylor would justify a good chase. After all a 30 year old who plays piano in a hotel bar must be “an old soul”, he need a mature woman. I appreciate that this story continues the timeline after Chloe’s so we get to see how she and Jasper are doing too. Plenty of angst, misconceptions, and witty banter charge the pages making it a tale you just can’t quit till the oh so happily ever after. I can’t wait for Emma’s book to see how this trio of best friends end up.

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