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Artists Becker, Giles and Sugiyama began their journeys together, but time and talent have taken them on separate paths. “Sugi” has been hailed as a genius, Giles his equally-famous critic, Becker content to remain the peacemaker.

As Sugi’s projects become more ostentatious, stretching for miles in the sky and ocean and desert, so much more does Giles seek to keep him grounded. But the vicious critiques only serve to push Sugi to greater visions. Equally irritating to Giles are Sugi’s cult-like followers, who are drawn to his projects to erect camps, refusing to leave.

When Sugi loses his wife and son in an accident, sympathy for him and anger at Giles cause both men to leave the limelight. Sugi reemerges months later to unveil his next project. Financed by eccentric billionaire Lassiter and his space exploration company, the project, dubbed NIGHT LIGHT, will use the ashes of his wife and son—and anyone who wishes to send the ashes of their loved ones--to create a work of are Sugi says will change the face of the moon!

Becker is intrigued, Giles shocked. In a new vlog, he voices his concerns for Sugi’s safety, though privately his true concern is that Sugi might succeed. If so, he will be elevated to a place in history which Giles will be reminded of every night of his life.

As the work begins, life-threatening dangers arise, supplies diminish, and Sugi races the clock as Giles watches, aware that Sugi will either attain artistic immortality or learn that fame on such a cosmic level is too high for anyone to reach.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 13
Steven D. Bennett
Smashwords, Inc.

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