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In a sizzling prequel novella to her new trilogy, New York Times bestselling author TawnyWeber introduces the sexy, powerful Navy SEALs in the Poseidon team as they take on theultimate mission: love.

Within the elite brotherhood of Navy SEALs, the Poseidon team arethe very best—and the most secretive. Convincing a naive journalist not to write atell-all PR feature should be a piece of cake for Chief Petty Officer Aaron Ward.Especially once he glimpses Bryanna Radisson's soft, lush curves. His tactic: seduce anddestroy…

Bryanna is no pushover. Aaron's hard-muscled body makes her crave much more thana story, and she'll get what she came for. Desire is her weapon of choice, but when thisone wild night is over, will Aaron sabotage her plans…or lose his heart in collateraldamage?

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December 1
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Lynn B888 ,


With this prequel novella, Tawny Weber introduces us to the Poseidon Team of Navy SEALS that will star in her upcoming SEAL Brotherhood trilogy! If you're familiar with Tawny's work at all, you'll know that she writes a sexy military guy quite well! This was a short and easy to read story. We met a lot of characters in a short span, some of which were Poseidon and some who weren't, so that was a little confusing, but the main two characters had a cute connection and were fun to read about.

Chief Petty Officer Aaron Ward drew the short end of the straw and was tasked with the duty of giving an interview about his SEAL team to a PR rep. He thinks he'll go in and woo her with his smile and even let her enjoy a night with him to achieve keeping their group shadowed and unknown. He doesn't anticipate her being seasoned with using her feminine wiles to get her story, nor is he informed of her connections in the Navy!

2kasmom ,

Meet me

Aaron & Bryanna meet when she takes a new job as a civilian publicist for the Navy. He is a SEAL, and his team does not want, nor need to have the public know more than it already does about the special operations team. When ordered, he has dinner with her to discuss the article.

Bryanna knows she did not get this job because she can be blackmailed. She has to prove herself. How does she convince the hottest man she ever met that she just wants to do right by his team? It's going to take meeting each other half way to fix this.

All the SEAL brotherhood books are just amazing! This is a short story that makes you just want to hug both characters and tell them it will be alright. An incredible read, and you will be glad you did.

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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