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Detective Mike Hoolihan has seen it all. A fifteen-year veteran of the force, she's gone from walking a beat, to robbery, to homicide. But one case--this case--has gotten under her skin.

When Jennifer Rockwell, darling of the community and daughter of a respected career cop--now top brass--takes her own life, no one is prepared to believe it. Especially her father, Colonel Tom. Homicide Detective Mike Hoolihan, longtime colleague and friend of Colonel Tom, is ready to "put the case down." Suicide. Closed. Until Colonel Tom asks her to do the one thing any grieving father would ask: take a second look.

Not since his celebrated novel Money has Amis turned his focus on America to such remarkable effect. Fusing brilliant wordplay with all the elements of a classic whodunit, Amis exposes a world where surfaces are suspect (no matter how perfect), where paranoia is justified (no matter how pervasive), and where power and pride are brought low by the hidden recesses of our humanity.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 26
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

billsravon ,

Night Train

The first thing I am left with is an alternate way to read . . . just as fast as I can . . . Let the words spill out over me. . . and the images . . . and the mind of 'Mike'. sorta seeps in.
Night Train is hard to read. It is not a pleasant read at all . . . it's unconventionally presented. It's too . . . too earthen . . too gritty . . . too graphic . . . and a few other 'toos' . . . and totally worth the sensation that one can actually smell her expensive 'cheap' perfume as she passes . . .
Is she OK, I wonder? . . . ya . . . she'll outlast us all !

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