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The six clans across the inhabited continents of the world have existed since the beginning of time in hiding because of their extraordinary abilities. Sakombi (Africa), Spencer (Europe), Qiao (Asia), Amaru (South America), Gale (Australia) and Natosapi (North America). They remained in hiding even when one of their own was brutally murdered over a prophecy most of them refused to believe. Then Chausiku arrives, as the prophecy foretold, the third generation of the Sakombi clan born with vivid green eyes. But she has no knowledge of her heritage and thinks that her mother died of natural causes—until she discovers that her mother’s killer is looking for her.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 2
Pamela E. Cash
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Hmmm...is that so? ,

Great start Chausiku!

This was an enjoyable, easy teen read that was robust enough to hold an adult's interest. Ms Cash writes well and has laid out a framework encompassing special abilities and "clans" that makes for some great story telling. Some tension exist between being a straightforward teen adventure-paranormal yarn or a much richer and denser epic involving powerful beings, cultures, histories and motivations. Author has left herself plenty of room in future books to go down either path or to carefully stroll in-between. If the first book is an indicator, Ms Cash will manage the tension just fine and make many young teen and adult fans. I eagerly await the second book to see where the author decides to take Chausiku.

Daglady10 ,

Great Young Adult Book

This book has an original plot that grabs you from the beginning and holds you to the end. I'm looking forward to reading book two.

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