Night's Templar

A Vampire Queen Novel

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Publisher Description

Centuries ago, Lord Uthe was a Templar Knight. Now he serves on the current day Vampire Council. Despite the volatile and highly sexual nature of the vampire world, he honors the spirit of the Rule. That effort becomes far more difficult when he catches the attention of the Fae Lord Keldwyn, liaison between the Council and Fae Court.

Keldwyn challenges Uthe’s emotional isolation and dominant nature. When a quest from Uthe’s past requires Keldwyn’s help to protect both their worlds, Uthe will have to decide whether the Fae male is a gift from God to be cherished and trusted, or a curse that will make Uthe fail the Order he promised to serve all his life.

October 31
Story Witch Press
Joey Woody Hill

Customer Reviews

~LeeRoth~ ,

Night's Templar (A Vampire Queen Novel XIII)

I will start off with three facts. Fact one: When Keldwyn was introduced in the second book The Mark of The Vampire Queen (A Vampire Queen Novel), I was not thrilled. I saw him as a user, one that would come back on Lady Lyssa for something, all because he had saved her life. For the last eleven books in this series, I have been waiting for that other shoe to hit the floor. I couldn't and didn't want to see my lady Lyssa be used in anyway. So not a fan. Fact two: The first time I read about Uthe, I was in love with him. The way he carried himself, the way he spoke to everyone, and the love he showed Evan his vampire child. Everything about Uthe showed nothing but love. Fact three: There's less then a handful of female writers that write M/M that I will read, because I feel they loss the passion in men, and only focus on the alpha part. Joey is one of those female authors that DOESN'T loss the passion in men.

So, when Joey started talking about writing Night's Templar, and it would be about Keldwyn and Uthe, I was a little bit...Ugh! Again my ugh was my feelings towards Keldwyn. Before reading Night's Templar, I wanted better and more for Uthe, because he should have the best. But as the story received more of Uthe, I fall more and more in love with him. And as my read went along, I started softening for Keldwyn, and why he was all over Lady Lyssa like white on rice. My heart grew five times for Keldwyn, and I'm now in love with him too. Keldwyn is a honorable Fae, with a heart of gold.

Night's Templar is a five star read, it has all the passion, and sex in it as Joey writes in everyone of her books. This next story into the world of vampires and fae leave you with wanting more. The lives of both vampire Uthe and fae Keldwyn is brilliantly written, and overwhelming believable to the point that you are left with believing that vampires and fae are not just fairy tales to read, but that you're riding along with Uthe and Keldwyn's journey. The love that grows with, in, and between Keldwyn and Uthe is heartwarming and tears of joy. The heartwarming that both men are meant to be, that no other would be better to suit them. The XIII book in this series is a must read.

Note to my friend Joey: Oh you wonderful, brilliant, and gifted writer you. You give me, my Lady Lyssa in all of her glory. Thanks!

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