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Nikon's new D3000 is a perfect entry-level DSLR. This book is for anyone who upgrades from their point-and-shoot, or for anyone who wants to jump into photography with the control and capabilities of a DSLR but without the high price. There's the manual, of course, as well as competing books, and while they all explain, often in 400+ pages, what the camera can do, none of them shows exactly how to use the camera to create great images!

This book has one goal: to teach D3000 owners how to make great shots using their Nikon camera. It teaches how to use the D3000 to create the type of photos that inspired users to buy the camera in the first place. Everything in the book is in service of creating a great image. Starting with the top ten things needed to know about the camera, photographer Jeff Revell then carefully guides readers through the modes of the camera. Users get practical advice from a pro on which settings to use when, great shooting tips, and even end-of-chapter assignments.

Computers & Internet
May 12
Peachpit Press
Pearson Education Inc.

Customer Reviews

CameraTester ,

Great Book!

I did a lot of researching into getting a book to read about my D3000, and after searching for a while for the right one, this one seemed to be the best one for me. Sooo, I purchased it, and started reading it, and I was hooked on it, even though it wasn't the type of book where you get hooked on. It's just that I have a huge passion for photography and cameras, and the way the author described things and made it make sense and easily understandable, made this purchase my best book purchase. It's a great book which tells you everything you need to know and it's delivered in a very understandable way. It will really help you go from "snapshots to great shots" just like it's entitled. If you're unsure of what book you want to purchase, and you would like to buy one, make this the one you buy, you will not regret it. I didn't. It's really been a big help. Thank you!

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