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Nikon’s D800 cameras bring well over 36 million pixels to every still image. In a camera no larger than other DSLRs, one can capture images at medium-format detail density. Hidden within that single attribute, images display lower noise, greater ISO performance and greater enlargement possibilities. 

Then it assumes its secret identity and shoots superb high definition movies at up to 60 frames per second!

Here is an interactive journey through the Nikon D800 and D800E that exposes the secrets behind every knob, button and switch on the camera’s outside, then digs deeply into every menu item inside the camera. 

Every component and control is given its own essay, disclosing secret after secret as features work together to synergistically achieve new levels of performance—combinations of settings that even the camera manual missed.

Author Peter iNova has pushed the D800 beyond its limits—and returned with an encyclopedia about the camera which is presented in the most interactive camera eBook, ever. Nearly every page lets you inspect images close up, run movies, take interactive tests and discover the camera’s deepest secrets from the subtle to the profound.

Targeted to the photographer who already owns a D800 or D800E—as well as the enthusiast who is considering acquiring one—Nikon D800/E, An Encyclopedia of Interactive Solutions shows the history behind camera physics. It exposes the behaviors of image factors from photon through pixel to print. It surveys the optics that are best suited for this camera’s giant pixel map, reveals the accessories photographers need most and answers hundreds of questions about camera operation, problem-solving and shooting technique for various photographic environments.

It even keeps you out of trouble by revealing photography’s many Gotchas!

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November 20
Peter iNova
Peter Inova