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INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER - Pulitzer Prize winning author presents the stories of a wide range of Muslim women in the Middle East. As an Australian American and an experienced foreign correspondent, Brooks' thoughtful analysis attempts to understand the precarious status of women in the wake of Islamic fundamentalism.

"Frank, enraging, and captivating." - The New York Times

Nine Parts of Desire is the story of Brooks' intrepid journey toward an understanding of the women behind the veils, and of the often contradictory political, religious, and cultural forces that shape their lives. Defying our stereotypes about the Muslim world, Brooks' acute analysis of the world's fastest growing religion deftly illustrates how Islam's holiest texts have been misused to justify repression of women, and how male pride and power have warped the original message of a once liberating faith.

As a prizewinning foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, Geraldine Brooks spent six years covering the Middle East through wars, insurrections, and the volcanic upheaval of resurgent fundamentalism. Yet for her, headline events were only the backdrop to a less obvious but more enduring drama: the daily life of Muslim women.

December 1
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mommy a ,

9 parts of desire

Remarkable in moving back and forth from the time of Mohammed to that of Khomeni, it is a personal and intimate window from which i was able to understand Muslim women. GB depicts with an immediacy of her own experience the pressures and the history that Muslim women carry in making decisions about the extent to which Muslim law dictates their lives. It makes one really aware of the complex societies these women live in, how they navigate the paths of individual identity , and the consequences they face, some very bravely, depending on their decisions. This book is an important picture that we must imprint on our understanding of a society of women, which by its very nature is incredibly private.

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