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From the author who brought you the USA Today King Series, T.M. Frazier. 

Nine can be read as a complete standalone.

Nine lives. 

Nine inches.

One chance to make her his.


Preppy's brother is about to live up to the family legacy in more ways than one. 

This is the story of Nine, The Tale of Kevin Clearwater. 

June 18
Frazier Publishing
Tracey Frazier

Customer Reviews

icantputthisbookdown ,


Great read. Very intense. Language galore. But a satisfying read

@LisaHines711 ,

Review: King 9: Nine, The Tale of Kevin Clearwater

Nine: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater by T.M. Frazier is the complete story of Kevin Clearwater, younger brother to Preppy and is book nine in the continuing story of Logan's Beach and the King Series . I also can't express how relieved I was that this was a complete book and there was no cliffhanger. It's not that I don't like cliffhangers, not at all. I don't mind them. It is the WAIT for the next book that kills me! Have no fear - there is no wait. All Kevin all the time, LOL.

The story starts with the tail-end of Kevin's terrible childhood in foster care and his search for the brother he didn't know he had until a social worker left him some information. Boy gets beat up - meets a beautiful girl on a bridge - they share a moment - girl falls and dies.

Fast forward to after Kevin, who now goes by Nine, has met his brother and built a solid relationship with his brother and extended family and he is now after the one woman who can give him the answers to his missing $$. Stalking is such sweet sorrow. But there are surprises in store and some secrets to be revealed.

Well-written and perfectly-paced. I loved every word and every scene with the extended family. Enjoy!

Queenzany ,

Best T.M. Fraizer bookI have read!

NINE is by far one of the best T.M. Fraizer books I have read!
The Storyline is a transfixing, silhouette of utter fate and pure raw desire, that can only be described as genius writing!
Nine and Poe’s love story brilliant, compelling mark my word still my heart read of a lifetime! I never put it down! No! Not because of all my mean like Preppy, King, and Bear were included no! That only added to the whole mystique. Which I may add had me left me with only two hours of sleep because I was hypnotized and could not put it down!

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