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You're about to discover a HUGE closely-guarded secret that will revolutionize your beliefs about what is truly possible in the world of "no money down" real estate investing!

If you know how to read, you can follow some RIDICULOUSLY simple instructions, and have a few extra hours per week to spare, then you have what it takes to finally start making some serious money.

Notice I didn't say "buying houses." What did I say? I said MAKE SOME SERIOUS MONEY. Houses are stupid. Money is awesome. Don't ever get the two confused. A house won't send you to Tahiti for a month. Money will.

Buckle your seat-belt, my friend. Your life is about to stop sucking immediately.

Business & Personal Finance
August 23
Archieboy Holdings, LLC

Customer Reviews

Obeythisbabe ,

Have to be willing

This book is literally a step by step guide to get you started in wholesaling! You have to be willing to get out there and network though. The author makes it seem easy (which it could be if you are a social butterfly). I think in my experience, this is a perfect guide yet it requires more human skills than the author says there has to be especially for beginners. If it weren't for this point and my next point, I would've given it 5 stars because you'll be a completely successful wholesaler using his methods. Unfortunately, he mentioned it was free but I clearly paid for it so this book needs to be updated. False advertising.

Andy B.. ,

Thank you

That was really an eye opener and even tho it may be a little hard to implement it certainly has given me hope to get started somehow someway...

aubriholman ,


My mind was set on flipping houses myself , but reading this has me all twisted for sure ! Wholesaling seems like the better route and this book gives all the good and bad details needed before heading into the business ! Such a great read , not the boring style words on a book but character within the whole book.. I loved it!