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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

No Brag--Just Fact: The Subtle Art of Self-Marketing is a self-help non-fiction business book written by Peter K. Young. The author has experience in a number of different fields, and he builds the story of his life and Work (capitalization is deliberate here) for the reader to see and learn from in this book. It's all part of his method for self-marketing. He knows many wince and cringe at the thought of marketing themselves, often a clumsy attempt at best which comes off as bragging and is guaranteed to bore the listener to tears. Young shows, through the examples of his own, his partner’s and his friends’ experiences, how one can create one's own story and use that as the basis for self-promotion. Everyone loves stories, so the trick is to turn one's life into a story that grabs the audience’s attention. Young suggests using a structure called The Hero's Journey, which he attributes to the classic American mythologist, Joseph Campbell, for building your own compelling, honest, and authentic story. From there, he shows the reader how to have ready made 'whispers' that can be used any time someone asks you what kind of work you do.

Peter K. Young's inspirational non-fiction business book, No Brag--Just Fact: The Subtle Art of Self-Marketing, is entertaining and filled with helpful hints -- not just for salespeople and business types, but for anyone who's ever tried to explain what their life's work is all about. Young achieves this by practicing what he preaches, or rather by simply telling stories. His stories demonstrate to the reader how to craft their own stories while they reinforce the principles and material presented. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is such a thing as a fun-to-read business book, and that I was holding it in my hand. Yes, I loved the stories, just as Young predicted, and I found myself brainstorming how I could craft my own story. No Brag--Just Fact is an invaluable tool for just about anyone who’s ever found themselves in a social situation where they felt a bit pressed to speak; in other words, just about everyone. No Brag--Just Fact is most highly recommended.

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July 13
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