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Lena Diaz returns to the thrilling world of EXIT Inc., with two enemies who become unlikely allies—and discover that only through love can they save each other

As an agent of the Equalizers, Jace Atwell will risk everything to destroy EXIT Inc., the corrupt antiterrorist group, before more innocent lives are lost. The only way to infiltrate EXIT is by getting close to the CEO's beautiful daughter, but when they get a little too close, Jace finds himself falling for the woman he is duty-bound to deceive.

Whatever clandestine activities EXIT is involved in, Melissa Cardenas refuses to believe that her father is responsible and is determined to prove it. So when sexy, smooth-talking Jace comes clean about his motives, Melissa drops a bombshell of her own: she's been investigating too—and she wants to help him find the truth.

The chemistry between Melissa and Jace is undeniable, but their opposing views of justice make teamwork tricky. With their lives on the line—and the truth something neither of them expected—the only way to survive will be to trust their hearts and each other . . . if they can.

January 26

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glhince ,

read that kept me intrigued and thinking throughout

The second I’ve read in this series, I’m still sorting out the ins and outs of the genre itself, although I do love the characters, action and tension that weaves through this series. An underlying common thread EXIT means they are all just dancing over the edge of rogue agents, handling the jobs that are ‘too hot’ for ordinary sanctioned actions by the government. That alone has readers expecting action and tension, and Diaz certainly delivers with plots, subplots, agendas and the underlying truth so buried it requires an excavation.

Jace works for the Equalizers, an organization that is dedicated to unearthing the covert actions of EXIT, ostensibly to protect those who are wrapped up in situations while not truly being involved. He plans to infiltrate EXIT by using and deceiving the daughter of the CEO, Melissa. Starting in 5th gear, we’re dropped into Jace’s plan but things don’t follow his outline.

While publicly, Melissa isn’t wlling to acknowledge her father could have been involved in less than savory missions, she’s also not willing to share her own discoveries with a man she just met. These two do spark off one another, and the revelation is more of a surprise to Jace than I think he was expecting. Jace isn’t cold-hearted or single-minded: his character is protective and caring and he manages to balance the two in such a way that Melissa can’t help but see the honorable man beneath the initial deceptions. She’s not meek either, and these two strong personalities have plenty of banter as they test one another on that journey to trust. Sparks fly a plenty, always with the threat of discoveries and being discovered along the way…

Discovering secrets, dropping in a serious twist with secondary characters, background information and a mystery puppet master pulling the strings that combine to make the story move forward apace while allowing the reader to feel they have enough information to follow along, know the characters and understand just what is going on. Well-balanced to give a nod to the first book, while still allowing readers to jump in without having experience with the earlier titles in the series. A wonderful read that kept me intrigued and thinking throughout.

I received an ARC copy of the title via the publisher’s Avon Addicts program for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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