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It all started years ago when I caught, and watched, my twin sister having kinky sex with two men. My name is Philomena, I was eighteen, and desperate. All I was interested in was the telly, take-a-ways, and cheap wine. Me, I was as fat as a pig and nasty as a hive of wasps. Basically I’m a mean, spiteful, foul-mouthed fat, ugly bitch. What made it worse, my twin, Zoe, was a stunner, and I hate her.
Then I met this chap and he took me out the back., and he turned on me.
‘Make me hard, f**k you,' he growled between clenched teeth. ‘Suck me, make me hard you useless f**k, suck me.’ And I tried, sucking for all I was worth. It tasted worse than it smelt, and I was heaving my heart up, scared to death he would kill me if I didn’t do what he asked.
That did it, I stole the family money and left for the States for plastic surgery. Then the unbelievable happened; I was left millions of dollars. No I didn’t f**k him, he was over ninety.
I met Mr Rock boss of the Mob and his son Jake and they helped me change my identity. I became Lady Isabelle, and with Brad Capriole a famous film star, joined the mile high club.
Jake tracked me down, and with Thomas his friend, was going to torture and rape me. Things got out of hand, and Jake went to shoot me, but Thomas shot him instead.
Mr Rock thought I’d shot Jake. ‘She’s not that smart,’ he screamed. ‘Bottom line she’s Philomena, a fat stupid f*****g slut. F*****g find her, it’s her arse or yours.’
So I had to change identities again. I found a suitable girl, killed her and stole her identity. More plastic surgery, but by a cruel twist of fate, it was Brad’s sweetheart. Georgina Raintree.
Unfortunately Mr Rock found it out, and told Brad. A death party was arranged, I was to be raped, tortured, and killed. But Thomas, charged in with his mates, killed the Mob and rescued me. He got all the money and now we are living together. He only f***s me when he’s so drunk he can hardly stand. I live in hope; he could fall down the stairs. Then, goodnight sweet Thomas.

Fiction & Literature
October 27
Jennifer Jenkins
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