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The companion volume to the multimillion-copy bestseller No Easy Day by former Navy SEAL Mark Owen reveals the evolution of a SEAL Team Six operator.

Mark Owen’s instant #1 New York Times bestseller, No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama bin Laden, focused on the high-profile targets and headline-grabbing chapters of the author’s thirteen years as a Navy SEAL. His follow-up, No Hero, is an account of Owen’s most personally meaningful missions, missions that never made headlines, including the moments in which he learned the most about himself and his teammates in both success and failure.

Featuring stories from the training ground to the battlefield, No Hero offers readers a never-before-seen close-up view of the experiences and values that make Mark Owen and the SEALs he served with capable of executing the missions that make history.

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November 10
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Customer Reviews

Jimmy Ford 1245 ,

No Hero

Certainly enjoyed. Not many books have I looked forward to getting home from work to read. I want to thank the author for sharing his life experiences and his service to our country. Jim Ford

Delta5336 ,

As a real Navy SEAL...

I've been in the Teams for 15 years and on behalf of everyone in my platoon I just want to say that we hate this. I love how guys get out of the Teams, write these books, and leave the rest of us who are actually still deploying left to have to deal with the constant comments made by our Green Beret counterparts down range. I think it's funny and tragic but there is some truth when the Greenie Beanies joke about not letting us into their SCIF because we may put it into our book or movie. I know civilians enjoy getting a peek into our world, and that is fine, but just know that the majority of Team guys can't stand this crap and don't support it.


Good Life Lessons

Excellent book that distills a selection of harrowing death defying moments/missions into life lessons however I am skeptical as to whether 98%+ could benefit from this because aside from these guys being the very Best of the Very Best, most who read these type of books are just sheep in the heard and go through life just hoping to have a job next year this time. That said, what Owens speaks of, mentally and psychologically wise, an individual either has this ingrained in them or they don't. It ain't a matter of reading a book, having an "aha" moment, and tomorrow at work your gonna put your job and career on the line to assist a co-worker in need. Also, thanks for your service Delta!! God Bless Stay Safe & God Speed...RPJ II

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