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YOU HAVE JUST purchased your first set of oil colours. Now what? A blank art surface may reflect an uncertainty of what to paint. Where does the beginner begin? Is an easel needed? What about a mahl stick, stretched canvases and a kidney-shaped palette?

The aim of this book is to show that such paraphernalia are not essential. Oil paints can be odourless, clean and the starter kit may comprise just a few items that can be stored in a tool box. Infinite colours can be mixed with several pigments via a few brushes.

This makes oil colours the ideal choice for the beginner who wishes to try a truly versatile art medium. Find basic oil painting exercises aimed at getting that brush moving, even if it means laying each pigment into rectangles to get to know each pigment.
Exercises progress steadily onto shading, mark making and applying glazes. These rudimentary exercises provide the springboard from which to paint a first landscape and more.

The myths of colour theory is dispelled, making dirty colour mixes a thing of the past. Find chapters that explore complementary colours, alla prima, glazing, using a limited palette, working with linseed oil and expressing a jigsaw of marks.

Each chapter concludes with a summarizing bullet point list of what has been covered so far, helping to reinforce what has been learned. As will be seen, oil paints have many surprises in store and can be fun to try out – without the fuss, mess or cost.

Includes a shopping list for the beginner, glossary and hundreds of colour images.

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November 11
Rachel Shirley
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