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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. From writer/director Cazzie David comes a series of acerbic, darkly funny essays about anxiety, social media, misanthropy, and growing up in a wildly eccentric family.
For Cazzie David, the world is one big trap door leading to death and despair and social phobia. From shame spirals caused by hookups to panic attacks about being alive and everyone else having to be alive too, David chronicles her life’s most chaotic moments with wit, bleak humor, and a mega-dose of self-awareness.
In No One Asked for This, David provides readers with a singular but ultimately relatable tour through her mind, as she explores existential anxiety, family dynamics, and the utterly modern dilemma of having your breakup displayed on the Internet. With pitch-black humor resonant of her father, comedy legend Larry David, and topics that speak uniquely to generational malaise, No One Asked for This is the perfect companion for when you don’t really want a companion.
"Blisteringly honest...kind of like if a David Sedaris book was written by an anxiety-ridden millennial who grew up in Hollywood."??—??Entertainment Weekly
"Cazzie David is the delicious antidote to the poison of basic influencer culture. This book will make all misanthropes feel seen and loved??—??well, seen and tolerated."??—??Diablo Cody, screenwriter and author of Candy Girl

November 17
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Customer Reviews

breasymone ,

Just like Larry but Cazzie

Very cynical and very funny. Not many people can write and actually come off to be a likable person! Bravo! I want more, please.

Amanda Jean F. ,

Devoured from cover to cover!

Cazzie’s writing is laugh-out-loud funny, refreshingly honest, and painfully self-aware. She is a natural comedic genius without (of course) ever trying to be one. Loved everything about No One Asked For This!

meredithe20 ,


I really liked this book in the beginning, and then it just became a really embarrassing. So she’s right about all that, and the worst part for me was constantly picking women apart for being... women with interests? Just kind of weird and off-putting... Good for her for being so honest I guess? But just felt bad reading it. Rich people should stop writing books.