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The Clone Wars rage on. As insurgent Separatists fight furiously to wrest control of the galaxy from the Republic, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine cunningly manipulates both sides for his own sinister purposes.

Torrent Company’s Captain Rex agrees to temporarily relieve Anakin Skywalker of Ahsoka, his ubiquitous–and insatiably curious–Padawan, by bringing her along on a routine three-day shakedown cruise aboard Captain Gilad Pellaeon’s newly refitted assault ship. But the training run becomes an active–and dangerous–rescue mission when Republic undercover agent Hallena Devis goes missing in the middle of a Separatist invasion.

Dispatched to a distant world to aid a local dictator facing a revolution, Hallena finds herself surrounded by angry freedom fighters and questioning the Republic’s methods–and motives. Summoned to rescue the missing operative who is also his secret love, Pellaeon–sworn to protect the Republic over all–is torn between duty and desire. And Ahsoka, sent in with Rex and six untested clone troopers to extract Hallena, encounters a new and different Jedi philosophy, which shakes the foundation of her upbringing to the core. As danger and intrigue intensify, the loyalties and convictions of all involved will be tested. . . .

Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 19
Random House Worlds
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Mad02600 ,

Really good

If u enjoy the show u will definitely enjoy this book. Great read!

Nobility123 ,

Aimless, out of character and painfully biased

No Prisoners bills itself as a Clone Wars tie-in novel. Instead, it reads like officially published fanfiction, complete with obnoxious OCs, a meandering, vague non-plot, heavy-handed author-tracting, and an inability to keep anyone in-character. Anakin and Ahsoka, two of the main characters of the show, are relegated to side characters that are superfluous to the plot. Ahsoka especially is so far removed from the story (despite being present for 90% of the action) that you'd be forgiven for thinking her appearances are just cameos, while her Master only shows up for one-fourth of the book. The only other show character in this book, Rex, fairs slightly better but is plagued with out of character self doubts and angst over trooper death (speaking of which, prepare for more pontificating about how *horrible* the jedi are accepting a clone army and how the clones are just *children* and treating them like troopers is awful and ugh). But these guys are nothing, and just ancillary characters to the REAL stars of the story: The Djinn Altis Sect Jedi, an offshoot sect of Jedi who can marry and form attachments without "falling to the dark side" (because that's the only reason why Jedi forbid attachments). They're also better and morally superior to all other Jedi, can use amazing Force powers no other light side user has seen before, and are the ones average people can actually relate to and care for, not like that stuffy Yoda and his stupid order! Whatever legitimate grievances can be leveled to the canon PT Jedi are lost to the chorus of strawmen and self-righteous Mary-Suedom, a term I do not use lightly. Oh, and there's also this plot of rescuing this terrible Republic Spy who's-also-a-captain's-girlfriend that forms the supposed backbone of the "plot", and two random clones that we only meet for a few chapters die and it's supposed to be this big tragedy because they're clones and crap. Really, though, this all just an excuse to strawman the PT Jedi.

If you want to see how you can actually learn to care about the clones, watch the cartoon, which treats them like actual characters rather than angst-buckets. Otherwise, pick this book up for the LoLs, as there's plenty to be had here.

ryan123450 ,

Best of the new Clone Wars books

Ahsoka and Rex take center stage in this novel. The story is more in line with the portrayal of the Clones in the Republic Commando novels than with the tv show, and I like that. Ahsoka interacts with some characters in this book that might give an idea as to her ultimate fate now that The Clone Wars has been cancelled. The themes and story of No Prisoners are the best of the 5 Star Wars: The Clone Wars novels, which is a welcome change after the previous novel, Wild Space, which was the worst Star Wars book I've ever read.

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