No Room, Save in the Heart

Poetry and Prose On Reverence for Life - Animals, Nature & Humankind

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Publisher Description

Selections in this beautifully illustrated and presented book reflect moments of deep sorrow and bright joy over the animal, nature and human condition.

The author bears witness in these poems and brief essays to irreverence for life as she has done - in a different writing style - in newspaper and magazine articles, other books and testimony before legislative bodies. She brings new vision to the commonplace. Controlled and compelling, she speaks the language of the heart, where most meaningful action begins.

The book is divided into five sections: "The House of Life," "Sunlight Still in His Eyes," "The Quality of Mercy," "Joy to the World," and "The Ways of Love."

What others have said about this book:

"The power of this book lies in the stark contrast between the beauty of the natural world and the often grim results of our human stewardship. Images conjured up on one page bring a smile to the heart, those on the next, hurt...This is a thought-provoking book that will leave a lasting impression with those who read it."   - Dr. Jane Goodall, Director Gombe Stream Research Center, Tanzania

"Yours is a moving and useful book. Thanks for a fine blow in a good cause."   - May Sarton, Author and Poet

"It is so articulate that the very pages seem to shimmer. It is a book to keep and re-read and tell others about." - John Gleiber, Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly

"This is a book of wonder, suffering, joy and sorrow; a book about communion with nature...It awakens the heart of compassion."   - Dr. Michael W. Fox, Humane Society of the United States

" Those who feel a kinship and tenderness for all living things will not read her words without tears."   - Lois Stevenson, the Newark Sunday Star Ledger

Science & Nature
June 13
Flying Fox Press
Elissa Free

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