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May 1st: the Earth is scorched by a stray asteroid, wiping out almost all life. Almost, but not quite all. Three thousand souls aboard a cruise ship visiting the north pole are spared by a freak of nature. 

The ship’s first officer, Jake Noah, was looking forward to getting back to dry land once and for all. But then the world ended, and now he finds himself reluctantly in charge of the last handful of survivors of the human race. 

The limited resources on board mean that just staying alive will be a struggle. With the threat of mutiny ever present, can Jake rise to the challenge and lead his crew and their passengers on a quest for safety, or will he take the easy option and leave anarchy and chaos to prevail? 

Book one in the thrilling Noah's Ark series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 12
Shelfless SAS

Customer Reviews

Bandit1800 ,

An Enjoyable Tale

Another end of the world tale but with an interesting twist. The apparent only survivors are the passengers and crew of a cruise ship. The stories focus is mostly on the crew with a reluctant acting Captain, the second in command and other senior officers, taking charge after the Captain goes MIA. Next we meet religious fanatic passengers who see the event as a message from God. They must take over the ship and create the new Eden. If most of the passengers die it’s God’s plan.

Tibe19k ,

It was hard to determine that I liked it.

I started reading this book a few days ago and it started off pretty great. It was a interesting concept that I hadn't come across before so I gave it a shot. The characters are a little fleshed out but not exactly. It took a few chapters for me to remember names and actually remember something about them.
The pros of this book are that the story is at least interestingly different from everything else that has been spammed and swarmed out to death. Things tend to flow in a sort of believable manner.
The cons however are that I skipped a good chunk of pages worth because the story and narrative suddenly became very flat. What started off as a pretty good story that was new turned more into a strange political thing with assinations, kidnapping, black mail, framing one for murder, and all this other stuff. It just really went down hill.
It picked up a bit towards the end but in truth the damage had already been done. The steady flow of interesting small things that should have escalated into something bigger and more frightening was ruined by the power play scenes.
Sadly I couldnt find any interest to move further on to any of the others of the series. In the end I didnt enjoy it to where I would tell somebody they had to go read it but I also did not dislike it to where I would say dont read it.
Had the characters been fleshed out a bit more, had the author done more with having the people try to survive and what affects were going on with them. Suicides, starvations, robbing, anything. Instead of the entire power play and sudden political stuff it would have been better.
It never FELT like the end of the world. It just felt like people on a boat bickering. So read it or dont read it is up to you. But I can say it was at least different for a while then other things.

Ronnieh48 ,

Noah's Ark Survivors

Harry when your done you really done. You lived but once but you will surely die twice. I hope you repent.

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