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You're a writer. You need to make money from your words. What if you could create AND sell a nonfiction book in just a day? 

This book will show you how to think outside the box, get creative — and SELL what you create. Making money from your writing can be a real challenge, especially if you're limiting yourself to trading hours for dollars. When you get paid by the hour, even if you're making $200 an hour, you're limited.

Most of my students have challenges getting their creations out into the world. 
They get an idea... Then they get stuck. They second-guess their material. What if, what if…? The “what ifs” go on forever. 

The what-ifs, by definition, are fantasy. We get the what-ifs because our mind creates them to keep us safe, and stop us getting hurt. Unfortunately, these mental blocks block our success, too.

Banish the what-ifs, and create nonfiction ebooks FAST

To banish the what-ifs forever, I’ve found that it’s essential to have processes and deadlines to ensure that I finish what I start. I’ve turned nonfiction ebook creation into a checklist that I go through with ebook product I create.

The checklist proved so useful, that I began teaching it. Suddenly, my students became product-creation dynamos. If you’re not creating, and selling, because something is holding you back, this book is for you.

Yes, this book gives you a method to write nonfiction books, but you can use the same method to produce any number of different products, including:

* Money-making blogs
* Membership websites
* Reports for your business clients
* Online courses...

You can create a nonfiction ebook, and sell it, within 24 hours. And do it again, and again. Build your name, build your bank account, and build your CONFIDENCE.

Get started today.

Professional & Technical
January 22
Angela Booth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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