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From the bestselling author of Highland Vengeance.

~ A Norse Highlander Romance ~

For readers who like Sexy Norse warrior lords, Saucy Highland ladies, Precocious toddlers, Bold protectors, Reunion stories, Tales of redemption, Vikings, Fish out of water tales, Matchmakers, Iceland, Family sagas with paranormal elements, and the Campbell clan


She was his captive, he was her slave . . .

On a faraway island where the kings of both Norway and Scotland vie for control, a fierce Norse warrior lord and a Highland lady are unwillingly bound by the child she bore him and the passion they share.

But now there is danger afoot, and only her foresworn power of prophecy can save the Norseman from the menace that lurks in the shadows.

Will she break her vow in order to save his life, or will she use her pagan gifts to free herself from his command forevermore?

Vika Cambel had finally gotten her world completely under her own control after a lifetime of being beneath the thumb of violent and abusive men. But now the one man who had ever treated her with love and respect, a man with whom she’d consented to conceive an heir for her sadistic, impotent husband, a man she’d fled nearly three years past after her husband’s death, a man she’d left their newborn babe to raise, sweeps back into her life, forcing her to return to his isle demesne. But he doesn’t know the true reason she’d left, that she sees visions that foretell the future—and that all the folk on the isle holding believe her a witch, a sorceress who causes terrible evil to occur, tho' they dare ne'er speak such to their lord about the mother of his child—and she will do anything she has to do to keep from remaining, to keep him and their daughter from learning the truth, to keep them free of the stigma her ability incites.

Grímr Thorfinnsson never goes back on a promise. Especially one made to his tiny tot, Halla. His daughter wants to meet her mother, and he will do anything he has to do to fulfill that wish. And now that he has discovered that his recent passionate encounter with the wayward mother of his child has planted yet another babe in her belly, and that the most dangerous of villains is hunting her with murderous vengeance for foiling a plot against her cousin, he knows he must do anything he has to do to keep her and their unborn babe from harm.

But can they fight their mutual desire and keep the vow to ne’er lay with the other again?


The Highlands Trilogy (The Macleans)
Book 1 : Highland Vengeance
Book 2 : Highland Grace
Book 3 : Highland Magic

The Cambel Duology (The Cambels)
Book 4 : Song of the Highlands
Book 5 : Nordic Moon

August 15
K.E. Saxon
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