North of the Stars (In Love And War: Book One) North of the Stars (In Love And War: Book One)

North of the Stars (In Love And War: Book One‪)‬

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Publisher Description

England is burning.

And the cause…men are too afraid to utter in nothing but a whisper.

The Northmen.

My father is King Eanred.

And me?

I am Princess Emeline.

My father wants to protect our kingdom against the ruthless Vikings who continue to raid England, so he has betrothed me to Aethelwulf, the son of King Egbert of Wessex—the most powerful realm in all of England. Without this union, Northumbria will fall, which is why I must submit. I must do this for my people.

However, it is not in my nature to surrender. So when my father captures the most savage Viking known in our land, I do what no good, God-fearing Christian would do—I help him.

His name…Skarth the Godless.

People fear what they don’t understand, but I will not allow that to control me. Fear makes us blind to the truth, and I refuse to cower because Skarth soon becomes my teacher—in all things. And when his rival, Ulf the Bloody, shatters my world, it becomes clear the lessons have only just begun.

My soul is tarnished.

I am a sinner.

Lord, hear my prayer…

December 1
Monica James
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jana love this ,

Held me captive from the start!

North of the Stars held me captive from the start and I was consumed by the vengeance and desire! I kept holding my breath and then wanting to scream out loud. This is a dark, gripping tale that twisted me up inside! There was so much fear, treachery and passion that I kept changing my mind on who I wanted princess Emeline to give her heart and soul to. I love the princess because she is such a brave warrior in her own right. Emeline was betrayed at such a young age and learned quickly that monsters absolutely do exist. Her survival skills grew stronger every day. Plus, don’t even get me started on the lead hero’s in the story that made me want to stab them with their own swords one minute and claim me in the next! The selfishness, jealousy and greed drip through the pages and a battle rages between mind and heart! I don’t know how in the world I am going to handle my emotions until Monica releases the next book! This story is absolutely mind blowing and you need to read it for yourself to decide if your team Skarth or Team Ulf and let me tell you, I’ve changed my mind a dozen times already! Monica James, what have you done?!

Tracey, Life Reads With Friends Book Blog

oo4chelle ,


The story wasn’t good and it was unfinished. I can’t stand these types of books and will not be paying for the series just to find out the ending of this one story. Also, this is a brutal, sexual assault, rape infested book and should come with a serious “triggers” warning!

The author said it was historically inaccurate, but wow! Was she ever right about that.

Courtle3 ,

Team SkUlf

Sitting here trying to catch my breath after diving head first into this unique read I realize not only did I devour this but my heart and soul was shredded and put back together just to be ripped apart again, and I loved it. This author knows how to create different worlds that take the readers on an emotional journey where you never want to leave and can’t stand the thought of parting with the characters. The characters become ingrained not only as you read the words but somehow they meld into your heart and this story consumed my soul. In this read we follow Skarth the Godless Viking Northman and Emeline the Princess of Northumbria. They are worlds apart different from each other but in each other they find so much more. Emeline wants to save Skarth from her father’s wrath, but to so would to bring the king’s wrath onto herself. The closer Skarth and Emeline become they know they are fated to be together yet they also know they both have roles they have to play apart to keep the other safe. If you are looking for a sweet romance be warned that is not that, we are back in the time where things were hard to read about let alone know these people endured and yes it has triggers, but I myself felt as if I was watching one of my favorite history shows and I couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop. So much happens to our main characters and they endure so much pain and heartache just trying to keep each other safe. Skarth will do anything to protect his princess and it seems as if he is always there to help save the day, but he is all the time willing to sacrifice his feelings for her to protect her and that may be his ultimate downfall. Emeline knows where her heart has always belonged yet things never seem to aline for our star crossed lovers and sacrifices seem to be all they can make. With so many twists we are introduced to so many different cultures, worlds, and people that they stories could continue to go on and be amazing. This does end on a cliffhanger and I don’t want to give too much away so this is vague and I will not apologize because this book should truly be devoured by those willing to fall in love with some amazing characters and characters that you will hate with everything you have. The ending left me speechless and I hope revenge is swift but the pain for those who caused it should last in tortuous days, weeks, months etc…. I still can’t decide if I’m Team Skarth or Team Ulf………….. maybe I should be Team SkUlf???? Enjoyed every second of this journey and cannot wait to dive into more!!!

“Victory or Valhalla”

“….you are my Mjolnir then. You are my safety. And you are my protection.”

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